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Why Consider Adding a Winch to the Pivot Base of Your DX Engineering Vertical Antenna?

There was a time when Ham operators didn’t have a lot of good options for easily raising and lowering their heavy ground-mounted vertical antennas. Yes, it could be done—if you had a buddy or two over to help or if you’d been spending more time in the weight room and less in the shack. Even then, it could be an awkward and, sometimes, dangerous affair.

Today, operators can turn to DX Engineering for gear that takes the hassle and back strain out of putting up and taking down a vertical antenna—a particularly arduous endeavor for those prone to making frequent adjustments. One of those innovations is the DX Engineering Super Duty Plus Pivot Base for 3 inch and 4 inch OD base section vertical antennas.

The pivot base assembly is provided with DX Engineering’s THUNDERBOLT® 80/40M, THUNDERBOLT® 160M, and 75/80M vertical antennas for mounting on concrete-anchored steel pipe. Also available separately for use with other antenna systems, the pivot base features rugged construction, massive Extren® channel insulators, laser-cut high-strength stainless steel brackets, and all stainless steel hardware. For complete details, read the manual for the 4 inch OD model here.

Adding a DX Engineering Manual Winch (DXE-VRW-1) to your DX Engineering Pivot Base can make raising and lowering your vertical antenna even easier. The winch can be:

  • Moved between similar antennas in a multi-antenna installation
  • Used to make fast antenna changes and adjustments, stow your antenna for the winter, and quickly lower it when high winds are predicted

Features include:

  • Friction brake, which automatically applies constant positive holding action throughout raising and lowering operations
  • Holds the antenna in position automatically
  • Handle will not spin under load
  • Meets ASAE safety standard S361.3
  • Rated at 1,500 lbs.
  • Zinc Tuffplate finish
  • Winch strap (2 inches wide x 15 feet long) with hook and loop, manufactured from low-stretch polyester webbing with 4,000 lbs. breaking strength
  • Stainless steel hardware for mounting the strap
  • Stainless steel hardware for mounting the winch to the vertical antennas

What do Hams think?

Five Stars: I bought this winch to raise and lower a DXE VA-2 80M free-standing vertical. The keyhole slots on the winch mount for the VA-2 and VA-3 verticals enable the winch to be quickly installed or removed. This allows it to be used with multiple verticals or stored inside when not in use. The winch uses a wide fabric strap that is easily attached to the vertical via a snap hook. This was a wise investment. I have two bad rotator cuffs and raising a lot of weight over my head is not a smart idea. This makes it so easy to raise the VA-2 (or VA-3) easily, quickly, and SAFELY. Even my demure XYL can crank up the VA-2. The winch is simple to use clockwise-up and counterclockwise-down. A brake is online continuously so it will not “run away” from you. A wise investment.

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