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Videos: Unboxing and Reviewing the New Alinco DMR Mobile DR-MD500T Radio

DX Engineering’s own customer/technical support specialist “Digital Dorsey” (Ken, KA8OAD), returns with two information-packed videos on the new Alinco DR-MD500T Advanced Dual-Band VHF-UHF DMR Part 90 Mobile Transceiver.

About the Rig

The DR-MD500T features a 1.77 inch color LCD display; 55W output power on VHF, 40W on UHF; up to 4,000 memory channels; 10,000 TalkGroups; up to 300,000 contact lists; DVSI’s AMBE+2 vocoder for crystal clear DMR digital audio for use in noisy environments; and Automatic Repeater Roaming (see video below for configuring this feature). The rig is capable of operating in digital and analog with mixed mode in VFO or Memory mode.

In part one, KA8OAD unboxes the rig and its accessories and then demonstrates some of the features, including Automatic Repeater Roaming and multi-mode (DMR to DMR, DMR to Analog, and Analog to Analog) crossband repeat.

In part two, KA8OAD dives into the codeplug software and points out some of the important settings in the C

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