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Video Review: RigExpert Stick 230 Antenna Analyzer

If you’ve been thinking about adding the handy RigExpert Stick 230 to your arsenal of Ham radio testing equipment, spend a few minutes with Randy, K7AGE, and find out why you’ll want to own this compact antenna analyzer, which fits neatly in your shirt pocket. Randy shows you how the Stick 230 (0.06 to 230 MHz) does way more than the device’s size (7.3″ x 1.6″ x 1.3″) suggests. The video covers some of the analyzer’s functions, its easy-to-read screen, long-lasting battery, modes, and how to use it with downloadable AntScope software for a variety of uses, including testing coaxial cables. Also available from DX Engineering is the RigExpert Stick Pro (0.1 to 600 MHz) and a nice selection of units—covering a range of frequencies—for testing your antennas and feedlines. Options include the new AA-650ZOOM (0.1-650 MHz), AA-1500ZOOM (0.1-1,500 MHz), and AA-2000ZOOM (0.1-2,000 MHz).

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