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V84SAA Brunei 2019 DXpedition Relying on DX Engineering Gear


When an international team of DXpeditioners sets up camp on Seri Kenangan Beach in the Sultenate of Brunei this February, they’ll be unpacking mission-critical equipment from DX Engineering.

The V84SAA DXpedition to Brunei Darussalam, February 6-18, will be heavily focused on the low bands, employing 160 and 80 meter vertical antennas, and a DX Engineering COMTEK four-square system for operation on 40 meters.

The COMTEK ACB-4 Hybrid Four Square System comes with a switch relay unit and four-square control console. The system is designed for use with four-element vertical arrays. Get all the details here.

DX Engineering also provided the following equipment for V84SAA Brunei 2019:

DX Engineering Phased Array Quarter Wave Tuned Cables for 40 Meters

COMTEK Control Cable

Low Band Systems HF Transmit Band Pass Filters for 160 through 10 Meters

For more information on the V84SAA Brunei DXpedition, visit their official website. To upgrade your station in time for Brunei 2019 and for the busy agenda of DXpeditions ahead, go to for the latest transceivers, antennas, amplifiers and all the accessories your station needs.

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