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Solar Cycle 25 Update


What does Solar Cycle 25 have in store? While no one can know for sure, here’s the latest news from the National Weather Service.

Based on results of NOAA’s Solar Cycle 25 Prediction Panel, the Space Weather Prediction Center has forecasted a solar maximum between November 2024 and March 2026. There is general agreement among the science community that Cycle 25 will likely be within plus or minus 20 percent of Cycle 24 and solar maximum will happen between 2024 and 2027. How accurate is this forecast? Only time will tell. For some insight, read this blog which discusses what was predicted 11 years ago for Solar Cycle 24.

So now what? While so many of us are spending lots of time at home, it’s a good opportunity to study up on propagation. Here’s a great article from OnAllBands blogger Ward Silver, N0AX, on “Long-Duration HF Contesting Tips,” which includes links to useful propagation prediction tools.

For more information and daily space weather forecasts, visit the official website of Dr. Tamitha Skov, Space Weather Woman. Dr. Skov spent some time with Hams at DX Engineering’s booth at Dayton Hamvention 2019. Click here for part of her presentation at Hamvention 2019.

And whether the sun cooperates or not with our HF Ham Radio pursuits, you’ll still find all the Amateur Radio gear you need at DX Engineering, including antennas, transceivers, CW equipment, digital interfaces, amplifiers, coaxial cables and connectors, towers, tools, and more. For those interested in exploring the fun of VHF/UHF operating, here’s a link to ICOM’s IC-9700, featuring all kinds of tools for contacting Amateur Radio satellites.

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