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Product Spotlight: OptiBeam Driven Yagi Arrays and Reflector-Driven Monoband Yagis

Violinists have the Stradivarius. Car enthusiasts have the Bugatti. Actors and literature lovers have Shakespeare. And ham radio operators have OptiBeam—a company known for its finely crafted, high-performance HF and VHF directional antennas deployed at amateur stations around the globe.

For the last several years, DX Engineering has been the exclusive North American distributor of OptiBeam antennas. It has been a relationship that has expanded the reach of these meticulously made, extensively tested, and German-engineered monoband and multiband Yagis, log cell Yagis, and rotatable dipoles known for delivering the highest possible gain, cleanest radiation patterns, and optimum band coverage and power handling without compromise.

Are they worth the investment? Ask Itzhak Perlman what he thinks of his Strad and you’ll find your answer. Better yet, let’s find out what OptiBeam antenna users say:

Five Stars (OB2-40-P 40M 2 Element Yagi): “Pileup Buster! If you are on the fence post about which antenna to buy, do your homework! The OptiBeam is by far superior to others on the market. I have owned two other brand antennas in the past, but OptiBeam will be the ONLY one on my towers from now on! DX Engineering’s staff will answer all your questions about this antenna. Bottom line, call DX Engineering and order yours today.”

Five Stars (OB6-2W-P 6 Element 12/10M Yagi): “OptiBeam antennas are extremely well made and there are no traps to fail. They’re built like a tank with top-shelf hardware and parts. The performance of the OB6-2W-P is excellent. Band conditions have not been very good on any of the higher bands, but the performance on both 10 and 12 have been very good with excellent directivity. SWR is low across both bands. This is not an inexpensive antenna, but if you look around you will not find many (if any) 12/10 meter duo-band Yagis. Since I am 73 years old and still climbing my towers (don’t know how much longer), I wanted antennas that would probably not require any significant maintenance for a very long time.”

What’s new?

DX Engineering now sells more than 70 OptiBeam antennas, including five new models (two Driven Yagi Arrays and three Reflector-Driven 20M Yagis):

Driven Yagi Arrays (DYA)

These antennas uniquely blend progressive design optimization for multi-element phasing and spacing with the wide frequency range advantages of Log Yagi antennas, all while removing the disadvantages of traditional Log Periodic Dipole Arrays. The performance results are equivalent to an optimized three-element monoband Yagi on every band. DYAs offer a wide frequency range of consistent gain and pattern, but with higher efficiency and fewer elements over the same length boom as the Log Yagi.

Featuring a special multi-element feed system, OptiBeam Driven Yagi Arrays offer these advantages:

  • Highly weather-insensitive electrical design
  • Extremely rugged mechanical design
  • Stable gain and front-to-back patterns across the bands
  • No long elements at the front of the boom
  • Great looks as well as performance

Choose from the 20/17/15/12/10M, 12-element DBO-OBDYA12-5-P (24.6 foot boom) and the 17/15/12/10, nine-element DBO-OBDYA9-4-P (16.7 foot boom).

Reflector-Driven Monoband Yagis

Developed in cooperation with OptiBeam consulting engineer, Dr. Christian Römer, DF4IAR, this revolutionary version of the Optimized Wideband Antenna (OWA) features higher gain, higher front-to-back ratio, low SWR, and consistent pattern. Every spec has been improved and is consistent across the entire band—all on the same boom length as the original OWA. DF4IAR employed his antenna design software with integrated automatic optimizer to create these antennas that rely on specially connected and cross-phased driven and reflector elements to deliver a clean, sharp horizontal pattern; excellent side suppression; and a low forward lobe. Three 20M versions are available. Look for additional reflector-driven antennas covering more bands in the months ahead.

Choose from the 20M, four-element DBO-OB4-20R-P (24.6 foot boom); the 20M, five-element DBO-OB5-20R-P (39.4 foot boom); and the 20M, six-element DBO-OB6-20R-P (55.5 foot boom).

Note: OptiBeam antennas come with a high-power 1:1 or 1:2 balun, which is shipped separately.

Visit to view the entire selection of OptiBeam antennas, including five- and six-element 6M directional antennas.

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