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Product Spotlight: DX Engineering F-Connectors and Tools

The next time you install an F-connector to the end of a 75-ohm RG-6/U or RG-59/U coaxial cable, why not take a moment to remember the person who made this possible—and we’re not talking about the Elmers at DX Engineering who may have assisted you with your purchase, although you’re certainly welcome to thank them for their efforts. No, we’re referring to Eric E. Winston, who invented the F-connector around 70 years ago while an employee of Jerrold Electronics.

To highlight this achievement, we’re featuring some of DX Engineering’s standout F-connector products in today’s blog post. We begin with a handy and affordable little gadget you should consider adding to your toolchest.

The DX Engineering F-Connector Tightening Tool (DXE-CIT-1) installs and removes F-connectors in high-density and hard-to-reach locations where wrenches won’t fit. With minimal force, it helps ensure proper connections to reduce the possibility of loose connector issues. It also works with bent coax. A must-have for CATV and satellite installers, the tool provides enough leverage to achieve a 30 in./lbs. of tightening force by hand for better connections with less potential for problems.

Five Stars: “I never realized how handy an F-connector tool could be. I’ve been doing a lot of Rx antenna stuff, so the tool has been super handy! Recommended.”

Also available is the DX Engineering RG6 Type-F Compression Connector Tool (DXE-SNS-CTI). It’s designed to install all modern watertight Type-F compression connectors.

Five Stars: “This was my first attempt at putting connectors on RG6 coax, and this tool made it easy. Along with a cable stripper tool and the compression-style connectors, the tool made the whole process easy and produced a quality connection.”

Spare your digits the pain of prepping coaxial cable with just any old tool. The DX Engineering CPT-659 Coax Cable Stripper makes preparing and stripping CATV, F-6, RG-6, and RG-59 coax cable for the installation of

F-connectors simple and injury-free. Just place the coax cable end into the tool and rotate around the cable until the cutting action is complete. The stripper’s one-step cutting motion delivers a precision cut and will not nick, damage, or scratch the conductor. One replacement blade is included.

Five Stars: “Makes stripping RG-6 a breeze.”

EX6XL Type-F Universal Compression Connectors are the latest addition to DX Engineering’s lineup of F-connector gear. They work on all RG-6U coaxial cables, so there’s no hassle trying to identify cable type and figure out which compression connector to use. The universal connector’s unique design fits any RG-6 and RG-6U coaxial cables, standard or flooded.

Available in packs of 10 or 25, these F-connectors feature a long, rugged metal body with heavy-duty black plastic. They are direct replacements for all previous blue and purple F-connectors and are easily installed with common F-connector installation compression tools such as DX Engineering’s DXE-SNS-CT1.

Features of the DX Engineering EX6XL Type-F Universal Compression Connectors include:

  • O-ring is a redundant seal and is always compression sealing, regardless of torque
  • Large tapered compression area creates a redundant moisture-tight interface
  • Three circumferential gaskets seal the body to the post
  • Gas-tight seal connection between the nut and the post

For an all-in-one solution, go with the DX Engineering F-Connector Tool Kit (DXE-UT-KITF), which comes with stripping tool for RG-6U dual shield/quad shield and F-6 size cable, 25 Universal Compression F-connectors, F-connector compression tool, coaxial cable shears, F-connector tightening tool, and stripping tool replacement blades.

Find more F-connector and related gear, including termination loads, adapters, DC blocks, RG-6U coaxial cable, and feed-through couplers.

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