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Product Spotlight: DX Engineering Excited to Once Again Offer Larsen Antennas and Accessories

DX Engineering is pleased to once again carry gear from Larsen Antennas (a Pulse brand), a company that has shipped more than two billion antennas over decades of service to the amateur radio community. You read that correctly. Two billion. To help you wrap your brain around the enormity of this figure, consider that an average school bus can hold about 500,000 golf balls, which means two billion golf balls could fill 4,000 school buses.

In ham radio terms, two billion antennas represents an incalculable amount of on-air activity, producing enough QSOs to likely fill a warehouse or two of logbooks.

While two billion is an impressive number, even more significant is the technology that goes into each unit. The team at Larsen crafts VHF/UHF and mobile whip antennas, mounts, and replacement parts that consistently deliver high performance at a value price. Here’s what you’ll find at DX Engineering:

VHF/UHF Mobile Antennas
Choose from 15 models of mono-, dual-, and tri-band antennas, either with a NMO or glass mount, or without mount. Glass mounts are a solid option if you want to avoid drilling or if your vehicle has a non-metallic body. Some selections come with 14 foot coaxial cable assemblies with PL-259 connectors.

Maximum heights range from the 19 inch, 144-148/440-450 MHz, 200W stainless steel whip with NMO mount (LSN-NMO2-70SH) to the 52.5 inch, 47-54 MHz, 150W stainless steel whip with NMO mount (LSN-NMO50C).

The tri-band model (LSN-NMO150450800) with NMO mount covers 150-165, 450-470, and 806-940 MHz. The 144-148/440-450 MHz LSN-NMO2-70B has an open center coil, and the 144-148/440-450 MHz LSN-NMO2-70C comes with a closed center coil.

What do hams say?

“This short Larsen (LSN-NMO2-70SH) does everything it is expected to do and I’m pleased with not only how it performs but how it looks on my truck.”

“Larsen always make a good product. I tuned this antenna (LSN-NMOQSPEC, 200W 136-960 MHz) as a replacement for my railroad band antenna on my company vehicle, works way better than the old one. Always count on Larsen.”

“I have ran the Larsen NMO150 mobile antennas (200W 144-174 MHz) for over 30 years with no issues. This antenna has very little wind drag at highway speeds. I have run these in all types of mounted positions with no issues. Best bang for your buck!”

“Easy to assemble, install and very solid.”

27-30 MHz Mobile Whip Antennas

A perfect choice for 10 or 11 meter use, these base-loaded antennas (available in natural stainless steel or with black finish) are a maximum 52.5 inches tall at 27 MHz and require cutting to frequency. Install one of these antennas on a companion Larsen mount of your choice (not included) and run up to 150 watts of RF power. These loaded 1/4 wave antennas provide 2 dBi gain and fit just about any NMO type antenna mount.

What do hams say?

“Larsen’s are among the best antennas made. This antenna was no exception. The parts all appear to be top quality, the antenna tuned up easily on the 10M FM band, and fit well onto my existing NMO mount.”

Mounts and Brackets

Choose from 15 premium-quality antenna mounts and brackets from Larsen, including:

Click here to view all available Larsen mount options, plus the Larsen Base Station Antenna Kit and replacement antenna parts (rain caps, reinstallation kits, gaskets, whips, hole plugs, shock springs, and more) at

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