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Product Spotlight: Cirro Mazzoni Automatic Magnetic Loop Antennas (Video)

One of the things that helps DX Engineering stand out is our technical expertise and product knowledge—not just about DX Engineering gear but about equipment we sell from our lineup of more than 160 manufacturers from around the globe. When you send an email or give us a call, you can be confident that the person on the other end of the conversation is a ham who, to quote one of our commercials, knows the difference between “a balun and a ballerina.”

Our team of active hams is made up of contesters, digital radio experts, avid DX chasers, DXpeditioners, antenna builders, QRPers, public service devotees, product designers, longtime Field Day participants, RTTY operators, CW aficionados, EMCOMM leaders in their communities, and, above all, folks who simply love being amateur radio operators—just like you.

Today’s blog post features two of those hams, Rod, K8RR, and Ed, K8IV, active operators and valued members of the DX Engineering technical team. They recently joined Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO, to answer questions about Cirro Mazzoni’s exceptionally performing automatic magnetic loop antennas by I3VHF—the BABY Loop (6.6-29.8 MHz, 39.8-inch diameter), MIDI Loop (3.5-14.5 MHz, 78.7-inch diameter), and the angular STEALTH Loop (6.6-29.8 MHz, 54 x 19.6 x 10.2 inches).

Watch the video, which includes a description of the company’s three antennas; a demonstration of the BABY Loop and the included ATU 2.0 Automatic Tuning Unit (not actually a tuner, per Rod, but an antenna “controller,” like a high-end analyzer sending out a signal that turns the antenna); how the ATU 2.0 controls the antenna (with demonstration); use of the interface cable connecting the ATU 2.0 to the radio; benefits for HOA residents and those with limited space; its simple hookup; comments from satisfied loop owners; and answers to questions.

Visit for more details on Cirro Mazzoni’s automatic loop antennas, replacement parts, interface cables, heavy-duty cap for the STEALTH model, tripod stand for the BABY Loop, and serial switch, which allows you to simultaneously connect a PC, transceiver and the loop antenna’s ATU 2.0.

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