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Product Spotlight: ACOM 2000SW Remote Antenna Switch and 2000S Antenna Selector Console Set

The name ACOM has become synonymous with high-quality HF Linear Amplifiers—a staple in ham shacks around the globe. DX Engineering is proud to carry the full lineup, including the 2000A, 1200S, 1500, 2100, and 2000P.

But ACOM is anything but a one trick pony when it comes to improving amateur radio station performance. In addition to amplifiers, ACOM produces the popular 04AT ATU Remote Antenna Tuner, A3x2000A HF Power Splitter/Combiner, and RPON Remote AC Power Controller, among other devices.

Also a big part of ACOM’s lineup is the 2000SW Remote Antenna Switch and 2000S Automatic Antenna Selector Set. This system provides complete antenna selection automation when interfaced with the ACOM 2000A Automatic HF Linear Amplifier, or it may be used as a manually or PC-controlled antenna switching system.

The 2000SW Remote Antenna Switch is a rugged weatherproof outdoor relay unit with 10 antenna ports and one common port, all PTFE UHF female (SO-239) connectors useable up to 60 MHz. The switch:

  • Handles up to 5,000 watts at 30 MHz and 3,600 watts at 50 MHz at low SWR
  • Provides hot-switching protection
  • Delivers automatic grounding for surge suppression of unused antenna inputs
  • Features IP53 relay water intrusion protection
  • Tolerates a wide temperature range and operates on a control voltage range of 24 to 31 VDC

The 2000S Automatic Antenna Selector, as shipped in the ASW-120 package, has a power cord terminated with a NEMA 5-15P plug for 120 AC. No additional power supply is required. The system uses a 4 bit BCD selector signal and incorporates a feedback signal to the controller.

NOTE: This set is available from DX Engineering only as a 120 VAC system.

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