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Not All Guy Rings are Created Equal for Your Ham Radio Station

Pay a visit to a Ham radio station and you can tell a lot with a few observations. Some Hams like to show off their expensive rigs, powerful linear amps, stacked Yagi systems, and automatic tuners. Others may talk of DX achievements and top-ten contesting finishes. But find an operator who’s quick to point out the quality of the guy rings on a vertical antenna and you’ve found someone who puts their heart and soul into the hobby—right down to the fine details.

If you’re this kind of operator, you’ll certainly appreciate how well DX Engineering Guy Rings help to stabilize vertical rigid telescoping tubing. These incredibly strong guy rings are intended for rope guying DX Engineering, Hustler, and all brands of aluminum tubing vertical antennas, as well as the DX Engineering Telescoping Fiberglass and Aluminum Tubing Kits.

Unlike competing parts, DX Engineering Guy Rings feature:

  • Smoothed holes with no sharp edges, protecting directly-threaded ropes
  • Six 5/16 inch diameter attachment holes that allow guy ropes to be properly spaced for three- or four-way guying systems
  • Super strong, black UV-resistant, glass-reinforced poly-resin material that’s virtually impervious to extreme weather and mechanical stress. It’s the same material first used with DX Engineering’s Universal Wire Antenna Kits.
  • Half-inch thick center hole shoulder that allows the rings to slide over their respective tubing size and seat firmly against the top of the larger tubing section below

Three kits are available for a range of vertical tubing installations:

  • DXE-GR-2P has two guy rings that fit onto the 1-1/8 inch O.D. trap tubing of the Hustler BTV Series Vertical Antennas
  • DXE-GR-4P has four larger guy rings for 1-3/4, 2, 2-1/4, and 2-1/2 inch O.D. tubing for heavy-duty telescoping fiberglass sets or aluminum tubing
  • DXE-GR-5P comes with a set of five rings for 2, 1-1/2, 1-1/4, 1, and 3/4 inch O.D. tubing

What do Hams Say?

Five Stars: Good plastic, rounded corners to prevent abrasion. Good fit for my MFJ fiberglass telescopic antenna masts.

Five Stars: I consider these as being an exceptional value. They are very strong and the “5-hole design” allows use with 3 or 4 guy wires per ring.

Five Stars: Sturdy, non-conductive material. I only needed one, but the price of the set cost less than ONE stamped metal guy ring.

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