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New Product Showcase: Nifty Mini-Manual Reference Guide for the Yaesu FTM-300DR C4FM/FM Dual-Band Digital Mobile Transceiver

You can tell a lot about a Ham by what they do with an owner’s manual after unboxing a purchase, especially if it’s a new transceiver.

The meticulous type will pore over every word of the document, even the fine print, before making a single turn of a VFO knob. Others will skim through its pages, hitting the high points and gleaning just enough information to get things set up. Then there are those (you know who you are) who pass GO and head straight for the shiny equipment, leaving the manual to sit until they reluctantly admit that they can’t do it alone (like finally asking for directions after driving around in circles for an hour).

Finally, uber-techies—not content with the manual alone—will crave even more details through references such as Radio Today Guides to the ICOM IC-7300 and IC-7610.

No matter where they fall on the “owner’s manual grid,” every Ham can benefit from information that cuts to the chase. You’ll find that in the Mini-Manual Reference Guides from Nifty Ham Radio Accessories.

New from Nifty is the Mini-Manual for the FTM-300DR C4FM/FM Dual-Band Digital Mobile Transceiver. This handy reference contains the same complete information from the owner’s manual displayed in concise, easy-to-follow, plain language.

The FTM-300DR Mini-Manual features:

  • Clear illustrations
  • A logical approach to operating the rig, providing users with a perfect understanding of its functionality
  • Spiral-bound, laminated pages for easy viewing and durability                                                                                                              

Of course, before you purchase the Nifty manual, you’ll want to order the FTM-300DR first. For that, you can go to as well. You’ll find an OnAllBands blog post about the versatile FTM-300DR, featuring hands-free operating and full duplex, here.

DX Engineering carries Nifty Mini-Manuals for these products:

  • Alinco Transceivers
  • Anytone Transceivers
  • Elecraft Transceivers and Accessories
  • ICOM Transceivers
  • Kenwood Transceivers
  • MFJ Antenna Analyzers
  • Powerwerx Transceivers
  • RigExpert Antenna Analyzers
  • TEN-TEC Transceivers
  • Uniden Scanners
  • Yaesu Transceivers
  • More

Also available at DX Engineering are Nifty Quick Reference Cards which are small enough to fit in your wallet yet contain a wealth of information to help you get the most from your radio. There are also mini-manuals that cover the latest technology, including D-STAR, EchoLink, and other features found on the newest radios.

For October, our Word of the Day column will be focusing on new products that have become available since the 2020 DX Engineering catalog came out.

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