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New Products Showcase: Turnbuckles, Transceiver Key Line Splitters, and DX Engineering Logo Jackets

Don’t ever say that DX Engineering doesn’t offer a range of products! Here are three new offerings you’ll want for securing your towers, adding flexibility to your transceivers, and turning you into a fashion icon at your next hamfest.

Transceiver Key Line Splitters

DX Engineering Transceiver Key Line Splitters connect to the “Ground-On-Transmit” amplifier keying line of a transceiver. In addition to the Key Line 3 model (single input, triple output passive DC-only, female RCA phono), DX Engineering now offers the 3 Rig Key Line (three inputs, one output) and Key Line Dual (two inputs, two outputs). With each splitter, keying outputs are guarded with a separate 60V 2A Schottky diode, providing ground-on-transmit isolation between each accessory keying line. Enter “Key Line” at

Tower Guy Line Galvanized Turnbuckles

Don’t trust the integrity of your antenna towers to anything but top-notch gear. These hot-dip galvanized heavy-duty cast steel turnbuckles have threaded casings with Eye/Jaw or Jaw/Jaw screw bolts at opposite ends to provide tension adjustments for metallic or non-metallic guy line tower support systems. They are available in load capacities from 1,200 to 5,200 lbs. and break strengths from 6,000 to 26,000 lbs., allowing you to select the turnbuckle best suited to meet and/or exceed your tower’s requirements. Depending on model, turnbuckles have adjustment maximums of 6″ or 12″. Sold individually.

DX Engineering Fleece/Polyester Jackets

Round out your DX Engineering-themed wardrobe with this warm and comfy full-zippered polyester/fleece jacket, available in either red or black with embroidered DX Engineering logo sewn right into the jacket’s front. Add in two zippered front pockets and you’ve found yourself the perfect go-to outfit for fall and winter Ham events. Available in men’s sizes, small to 4XL.

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