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New Product Spotlight: Vectronics Electronic Christmas Tree Kit

Remember the fun of putting together all kinds of different kits when you were a kid? Ever mow the entire block to earn the money to buy a “150-in-1” electronics labs from Lafayette? How about finding a Radio Shack multi-project electronics station nestled under the tree—you know, the one that kickstarted your lifelong passion for capacitors and transistors? Ever put together an erector set Ferris wheel, all the while dreaming that one day you’d be designing real amusement park attractions? What about that first rudimentary radio you built with your own two hands?

If this describes you, we’ve got a nice piece of nostalgia to add to your shopping cart. You can share memories of your kit-building salad days with the aspiring electrical engineers in your life with the Vectronics Christmas Tree Kit, now available at

Both entertaining and educational, this basic kit lets you build an easy-to-assemble blinking LED Christmas tree that works with the included 5V USB cable plugged into a user-supplied USB port or charger. Or you can move the lighted tree anywhere by installing three AA batteries, not included.

Enjoyable for adults and teens, the kit is great for getting acquainted (or reacquainted) with assembling parts to a printed circuit board, learning how to solder, and getting your feet wet with how to read an electronic diagram. Order a few for the kids or grandkids and one for yourself. Hand them out at your amateur radio club meeting for a fun, surprise project. This beginning-level kit makes an excellent weekend project…and a new memory for everyone involved!

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