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New Product Spotlight: Radio Analog PTRX-9700 Panadapter IF Interface Module for the Icom IC-9700

When the innovators at Radio Analog came out with the PTRX-7300 a short while ago, owners of the popular Icom IC-7300 rejoiced. The easily installed device allowed owners of this beloved rig to take better advantage of its panadapter by viewing it in a larger-screen format (on PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, or mobile device) when combined with an external SDR receiver. Here’s what hams had to say about the Panadapter IF Interface Module for the IC-7300:

Five Stars: “First, extremely easy to install. Maybe ten minutes. I’m using the SDRPlay RSPDX and it all works incredibly well. I can’t imagine going back to looking at the radio screen. Having everything on my PC screen and controlling the radio with my mouse is definitely the way to operate. Added benefit is I see more weak stations. I recommend this setup for all Icom-7300 users.”

Five Stars: “This product in a word is awesome! It is an elegant, well-thought-through design which is easy to install. I use it with an SDRPlay RSP2pro and SDR software. I can see everything that my 7300 is doing and change frequencies with a click. It provides an entirely new radio experience.”

Five Stars: “Plug and play! Absolutely easy to install and provides a pure IF signal to my SDR. Works great without any impact on the selectivity of the IC-7300.”

So what do you do for an encore?

It wasn’t long before amateur operators were asking Radio Analog if they could work the same magic for the IC-7300’s sister transceiver, the VHF/UHF/1.2 GHz IC-9700. So their engineers went to work on a solution that could, in their own words, “replicate internal RF/IF signals of the radio without sacrificing performance and functionality.” Further, the device should be simple to install without the need for special skills, soldering, cabling, and other requirements. Finally, they needed to design it in a way that installation could be reversible.

The result is the newly released PTRX-9700 Panadapter IF Interface Module for the IC-9700. You can visit Radio Analog’s website for a detailed explanation of how this device works and the concept behind its brilliant design.

As the company reports, the device can be installed using only a screwdriver and special supplied tool. There is no need for modification at the rig’s rear panel thanks to use of a dual-functioning SMA connector provided in the kit. Owners can tightly and securely mount the panadapter’s four-layer PCB by directly screwing it in the radio’s chassis. Best of all, the PTRX-9700 will not compromise the radio’s performance or functionality.

The PTRX-9700 kit includes:

  • Panadapter Main Board
  • Reference Injection Board (Radio Analog says this “splitter” is only needed if you want to inject a reference signal to the rig; otherwise, you can directly connect your SDR to the output SMA port)
  • Mechanical Mounting Parts
  • Power Cable
  • UFL-F Cable Assemblies
  • SMA-M/SMA-M Coaxial Cable

Find more details by entering “PTRX-9700” at

Also, check out the latest PTRX-7300-V2 model for the IC-7300, featuring SMA output and input connectors that provide more robust, long-life connections and easier access to connectors at the rear panel without need for adapters.

Need an external receiver to make it all work? DX Engineering offers the DX Patrol MKIV SDR Receiver (DXP-DX-PATROLMK4) to use as the panadapter’s companion for your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

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