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New Product Spotlight: Lido Mobile Mounts (Video)

In the first section of the upcoming DX Engineering 2022 Amateur Radio Products Catalog coming out next month, you’ll find several precision-engineered new offerings from Lido Mounts appropriately placed near a great selection of mobile transceivers. It’s the perfect place to find your rig of choice and the equipment you need to easily make it accessible and secure inside your vehicle, including gooseneck, cup holder, seat rail, and grip vent mounts; extension brackets; microphone hooks; and display head adapters. Can’t wait for the catalog? No problem. You’ll find all Lido mounts, ready to order right now, at

Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO, sat down with Lido Mounts founder Jim Newcomb to discuss a number topics: his years with Icom, how Lido began, and the company’s growing product line, including its latest equipment: LM-L-MAX Heavy-Duty Seat Bolt Mount, which is compatible via direct connection or remote head bracket with devices having a 4-hole AMPS pattern mounting plate or bracket (IC-705, ID-5100, TM-D710, FT-7800, cameras, GPS devices, satellite radios, and more), and the LM-802-705 Cup Holder Mount for IC-705 and IC-7100, which is made to swivel into just about any position you desire.

You can watch the entire DX Engineering Manufacturer’s Showcase episode below:


Here are a few more new Lido Mount products you’ll find in the upcoming DX Engineering catalog:

Bracket for Yaesu Mobile Radios

Made from lightweight, strong aluminum, the LM-EXT-10 bracket is designed to adapt a required Pro-Clip mount or vehicle-specific mount (not included) for direct 5mm swivel stud attachment to Yaesu FTM-100, FTM-300, FTM-350, FTM-400 or FT-891 control heads. This mount can be attached to any Pro-Clip or other VSM mount with a 4-hole AMPS pattern and includes a double-T quick-release mounting system with the swivel. A mounting plate for the microphone is also included. The LMEXT01DELUX Extension Bracket allows you to mount two devices to one vehicle mount. Measuring 4 3/4″ x 2 1/4″, the bracket also lets you adjust device location for extra horizontal or vertical clearance.

Vent Mount for ID-5100 and IC-2730 Series

When you just can’t find the right place in your ride to mount your radio or remote-control head, Lido’s Vent Mount may be the perfect solution, putting your mobile rig within easy reach. The LM101EXT-2-6 Vent Mount works directly with the control heads of Icom ID-5100 and IC-2730 series transceivers. It comes with a support brace and vice-type clamp that can be attached to horizontal or vertical louvres. The unit’s face plate comes with two 2.6mm screws that can be attached directly to the Icom remote head without need for the Icom MBA-2 or MBA-5 brackets.

No Holes Mic Hang-Up

For those who don’t want to drill into the dashboard, this adhesive-backed microphone hook for Kenwood and Motorola microphones is an excellent option. The mount comes with a strong 3M adhesive pad that won’t come off until you want it to—without leaving any sticky residue. It will accommodate the larger “button” hang-ups on these models, as well as CB radios. Mount is 2.38″ H x 1.63″ W.

Check out all the mobile transceivers and Lido mounts available at

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