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New Product Spotlight: Kelemen Trap Dipole Antennas from WiMo

DX Engineering is excited to be the exclusive North American retailer of high-performance, finely constructed Kelemen Trap Dipole Antennas from WiMo, Germany’s largest provider of amateur radio products.

Hams can choose from 47 models of high-efficiency, wide-bandwidth monoband or multi-band trap dipole antennas in a range of supported HF bands (160 through 10M), lengths, and power ratings (400W, 1,000W, or 2,000W PEP SSB and CW at resonance). These lightweight antennas come pre-assembled and ready to operate, with balun enclosed in a weatherproof polycarbonate case, clear PVC-insulated stranded copper wire, stainless wire clamps, and insulators. Featuring special traps made of PTFE-insulated coax (much lighter than conventional traps) with high Q and low losses, these weatherproofed, temperature-resistant, and shortened antennas are great for regular use or when there’s not enough space for a full-size dipole. They may be mounted horizontally or in an Inverted-Vee configuration with a required central support.

Note: For base operations, these antennas should be placed high, in an unobstructed location well away from buildings to limit shifting of resonant frequencies. Kelemen Antennas are often the best possible antenna choice for full-time base operations, offering the advantages of specialized multi-band coverage that perfectly complements the other antennas of the station.

Choose from a range of Kelemen antenna coverage and price options, from the 40/20/15/10M Single Trap 400W model (KEL-11505-4251) to the 80/40/15/10M 2kW model (KEL-11500-84251H). See all 47 models at

For an excellent article on traps, read this OnAllBand’s post from Mark, K8MSH, Antenna Traps: A Way to Cope with Limited Space.

Also exclusively available to North American hams from DX Engineering are DXR Series Yagis, rotatable dipoles, and log periodic dipole arrays from InnovAntennas, manufactured by WiMo for InnovAntennas Limited UK.

Now manufactured by WiMo, EAntenna’s lineup of rugged HF and VHF antennas include Yagi, log periodic, rotatable dipole, and vertical models. These antennas combine cutting-edge computer modeling optimization with robust mechanical and electrical designs to deliver high performance at a budget-friendly price. Also check out WiMo’s PicoAPRS Transceiver Modules, Transceiver Lifting Handles, QRM Eliminator, and other gear at

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