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New Product Spotlight: IC-705 Automatic Compact Antenna Tuner from ICOM

Ask owners of the ICOM IC-705 All Mode Portable Transceiver what they think about their purchase and you’re sure to receive an earful about how much enjoyment they’re getting out of this breakthrough rig. Here’s a small sampling of opinions from the more than 55 five-star reviews at

  • “It’s everything that I hoped for! As an IC-7300 and IC-9700 owner I now feel like I have the portable radio that suits my needs. This radio has really set the bar high for other manufacturers to release a competing radio, but I suspect that will be a while. This seems like it’s going to be the new standard for portable operation.”
  • “Another great addition to the family of ICOM radios! The IC-705 packs so many base station features and functions into a compact size that makes it easy to take along with you anywhere. It’s easy to get on the air no matter the mode, too.” 
  • “Perfect QRP portable! I love how it operates like a bigger radio in the shack but is small and easy to carry. Perfect for family camping trips!”
  • “This little radio is a winner. ICOM really gave this one a lot of thought. It is packed with features and works very, very well!”

Don’t think the IC-705 could be even better? Think again. The new ICOM AH-705 Compact Portable Automatic Tuner, made specifically for use with the IC-705, features a weather-resistant case with an SO-239 antenna connection for whips, wires, and other types of portable antennas for coverage from 160 meters to 6 meters. The AH-705 comes with 6.6 feet of coaxial cable with BNC connectors and a 6.6-foot control cable. Also included is the MPT-4255 mounting bracket (with a screw and washer) and a DC plug. Optional 16.4-foot cables are available.

What do hams say about the ICOM AH-705 tuner?

Five Stars: “Tunes very fast…really a good match for the IC-705.”

You’ll also want to check out these other IC-705 accessories: backpack, magnetic loop antenna, desktop holder, and Li-Ion battery pack.

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