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New Product Spotlight: Hi-Z Antennas Four Element V2 4 Square Receive Array Systems 

On the heels of the release of Hi-Z’s Three Element V2 Triangular package (featured in the DX Engineering 2021 Catalog) comes the Hi-Z Four Element V2 4 Square Receive Array Systems—now available at

These array packages let you hear the low band DX and contest stations like never before. They include the key electronic components to build a high-performance shortwave receiving antenna. Point the array’s cardioid pattern to four different directions for amazingly improved low-noise reception from below 160 through the 40 meter bands and beyond. This low-band receiving system includes:

  • Version 2 PC-4A Phase Controller, which combines the received signals from four shortened, ground-mounted vertical elements (sold separately) that only need to be 15 to 24 feet tall. The improved V2 design of the controller provides phasing accuracy that was previously unattainable. Virtually equal pattern performance is achieved in all four directions, now providing enhanced signal-to-noise performance with Receive Directivity Factor (RDF) approaching 12 dB with up to 30 dB array front to back.

Choose the package that suits your needs:

  • First, select between two types of element amplifiers based on your location, either the AMP-V2 with low RF gain for most user locations, or the AMP-PLUS-V2 with 6 dB gain for extremely low-noise environments.
  • Next, select the type of Shack Switch Control Console with OLED Directional Display. Choose either the SS2-PLUS USB+ Manual Control Console model if you want PC control of the receive array or the standard SS2 Manual Directional Control Console.

To complete your installation, add these required items to your Hi-Z Antennas Four Element V2 4 Square Receive Array System order:

Find a range of Hi-Z gear at, including V2 Element Amplifiers, High-Pass Filters, Shack Switches, and more.

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