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New Product Spotlight: BHI DSP Noise-Canceling In-Line Module

If you’re like most hams, noise is not your friend, whether it’s QRM, QRN, or the voice of an HOA authority throwing cold water on your station plans.

But listen closely. That noise you’re hearing could be the sound of enthusiastic applause from hams who are benefiting from the tireless work of the noise-canceling specialists at bhi Ltd—a company that knows a thing or two about getting rid of the racket that can ruin precious time on the air.

DX Engineering offers a range of bhi noise-canceling equipment, including:

DESKTOP-MKII DSP Noise-Canceling Speaker
NES 10-2MK4 DSP Noise-Canceling Speaker
Compact and Dual In-Line Noise-Eliminating Modules

NCH Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

What’s new?

DX Engineering is pleased to carry the new bhi Audio DSP In-Line Module. Now you can hear more clearly thanks to this audio DSP unit that cleans up noisy signals and delivers clearer, more intelligible audio across all bands. Just use the included 3.5mm male mono patch cable to connect the in-line module between your radio and external speaker. Employing simple controls, users can select eight noise-canceling levels via a rotary switch (8 to 40 dB).

Other features include the latest DSP noise-canceling technology, tone reduction up to 65 dB, 5W audio amplifier, audio input overload indicator, and audio bypass feature which routes the signal directly through to the loudspeaker when the unit is switched off. The In-Line Module works on most radios and receivers.

For Your Further Listening Pleasure…

While we’re on the subject of noise-canceling devices, we would be remiss not to mention ParaPro EQ20 Parametric Equalizers, which allow users to boost/cut specific frequencies for fine-tuning audio on the fly. The result: better voice copy, more QSOs, and a heck of a lot less on-air frustration. bhi’s ParaPro units combine a robust parametric EQ with a 20 watt audio amplifier. The controls are intuitive, allowing you to easily and quickly adjust the ParaPro’s frequencies. Plus, the BHD-EQ20-DSP model comes with a built-in adjustable noise-canceling unit, which automatically filters out background noise and enhances the human voice.

What do hams say?

Five Stars: “The bhi ad in QST stated that the ParaPro EQ20 would be helpful for those with hearing loss. Since I suffer from moderate hearing loss, there were many instances that I had to use headphones to copy weak signals and deal with suburban noise. I have used this product for six weeks during contests and for DX QSOs. I have not needed to use my headphones since. The DSP performance makes it much more enjoyable when the noise level is high.”

Find the full lineup of bhi products, including the 25W Extension Speaker, Six-Way and Mini-Switch Boxes, Ground Breaker RFI Blocking Device, HP-1 Wired Stereo Headphones, and ATT2 Attenuator Pad, at

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