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New Product Spotlight: Antennas from Chelegance

If you look in the dictionary under the word “diverse,” you won’t find Chelegance mentioned, but you probably should. The offerings from this ham radio provider run the gamut from a Tilt Stand Bracket Kit for Yaesu FT-817/FT-818 transceivers to a 3 GHz Mini Vector Network Analyzer and Golden Brass Iambic Double Paddle Key. So what does a company that combines fine CW instruments, powerful and portable VNAs, and legs for mobile transceivers do for an encore?

Here are a few of the stellar additions to the Chelegance lineup now available at

MC-750 Portable HF Vertical Antenna

Covering 40 through 6 meters and handling up to 100 watts, this no-tools-required antenna system is easy to set up and disassemble. Its antenna base features a built-in ground spike and female SO-239 connector and jacks for up to four preassembled, 11.48-foot counterpoise radials (included). The antenna functions as a quarter-wave vertical ground plane antenna for the 14-50 MHz frequency range while using the included 17-foot telescoping whip. Also included is a loading coil for operating in the 7 MHz/40M band. The kit comes with a 1.64-foot extension, cable winder, and carrying bag.

MC-750 Portable HF antenna in the field

JPC-12 Portable HF Vertical Antenna

Recently called out in this K4SWL OnAllBands article on choosing the right resonant HF field antenna, the 40 through 6 meter JPC-12 is built for easy assembly and excellent performance. You receive a special antenna base with SO-239, ground stake, counterpoise wire set, manual tuning multi-band coil, heavy-duty aluminum tubes with threaded studs, stainless telescopic whip, and carrying bag. With a manually tuned center-mount coil and whip adjustments, expect good results from 7 MHz and up. It handles up to 100 watts and can be quickly put together to connect with a user-supplied coax for use on the go.

JPC=12 Portable HF Vertical Antenna

What do hams say about the JPC-12?

Five Stars: “Exactly what I was looking for. Low profile, low impact, good performance. I love this portable antenna! I’ve used it on several successful POTA activations on many HF bands (12, 20, 30, & 40). Sets up in a few minutes. Pairs well with the KX3 with ATU. Clever design, nice soft case included.”

Deshibo GA-450 Active Indoor Shortwave Loop Antenna

Boasting HF receive from 2.3 to 30 MHz (SW) and AM Broadcast receive from 522 to 1710 kHz (MW), this eight-inch diameter mini-loop antenna is an excellent addition whether you’re at home or out of the shack in a camper or RV. It features a control base and BNC loop connector, gain control, USB-C charging port, internal battery, and female BNC output. You also receive male BNC-to-BNC and BNC to 3.5mm adapter cables for connection to your receiver and a USB A to USB C cable to connect charging power from a laptop (AC adapter not included).

Deshibo GA-450 Active Indoor Shortwave Loop Antenna

Visit for details on the entire Chelegance lineup.

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