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New Product Spotlight: Antenna Zoning Book, Third Edition

As far too many hams know, the excitement and anticipation of putting up a new antenna can easily be squashed by bureaucratic snafus and piles of regulations that reach as tall as a 160 meter vertical. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single book to help you more adroitly hack through the red tape and get on the air sooner—and with fewer headaches? Good news: There is…and it’s available from DX Engineering.

Originally published in 2001 and updated in 2011, the newly released and revised third edition of the paperback Antenna Zoning Book by attorney Fred Hopengarten, K1VR, provides invaluable guidance that lets you approach the often intimidating antenna construction permit process with greater confidence. It also gives you and your attorney ammunition to refute zoning restrictions that often lump antenna projects in with local laws meant to limit cellular tower placement. If you’ve ever felt that you were waging a hopeless battle in your attempt to secure a permit for an antenna structure, the Antenna Zoning Book equips you with 276 pages of information you can use to fight—and triumph—over City Hall.

According to K1VR, the third edition includes a lot more information on situations involving homeowner’s associations. For example, there is a compromise draft model of a statute designed to balance the needs of the HOA with those of the amateur operator looking to erect an antenna.

Contents include:

  • Principles That Will Help You Win
  • The Process in a Nutshell
  • Your Winning Team
  • Basic Preparations
  • Getting to Know the Players
  • Possible Objections
  • Preparing the Permit Application
  • Public Hearings—Your Big Moment in the Spotlight
  • Deliberations and Decisions
  • Appeals
  • Lawsuits
  • Now, Get the Permit and Build Your Antenna
  • Awkward Post-Permit Situations
  • Local and State Law, National Codes
  • Drafting or Redrafting a Bylaw or State Law
  • Federal Law of Ham Radio Structures
  • Other Federal Law

Tim Duffy, K3LR, recently interviewed K1VR about the book (you can watch the video here). Here are some real-time comments from hams who joined in on DX Engineering’s weekly Manufacturer’s Showcase Facebook Live show:

  • “Why is this book not on the best-seller’s list?”
  • “Info from your book got my township zoning to change from ‘no towers’ to ‘towers fine, no permit needed.’”
  • “Best attorney in Ham Radio!”
  • “Sounds like you’re doing the Lord’s work. Good job!”
  • “If you try to get a permit, you need to buy this book…it’s the gold standard.”

In response to the final comment, K1VR humbly replied, “With respect to being the gold standard, I can tell you that it’s easy to be the best book in the field when it’s the only book in the field.”

Check out the Antenna Zoning Book and loads of other amateur radio reference materials, including many great books available from the Radio Society of Great Britain (Radio Today Guide to the ICOM IC-7300, QRP Basics, et. al.), at

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