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New Product Spotlight: AlexLoop HamPack Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna System

For operators who have been itching to shake off winter’s chill and enjoy outdoor operating and a much-needed infusion of fresh air, DX Engineering carries a new product you’ll want to add to your collection of out-of-the-shack gear—the AlexLoop HamPack Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna System.

PY1AHD, Alexandre Grimberg brought more than five decades of Amateur Radio experience and a passion for portable HF operation to the new AlexLoop HamPack, the ultimate portable magnetic loop antenna solution for the outdoor radio operations enthusiast and the space-restricted Ham.

Building on the success of his Walkham model, the HamPack system comes with the widely acclaimed AlexLoop plus a new backpack (a nice upgrade over the Walkham model’s carrying bag).

Let’s start with the star of the show—the antenna. This lightweight and compact (three foot in diameter when assembled) transceive QRP magnetic loop antenna for 40-10 meters can be assembled in the field easily in less than two minutes. Bring it along for stealthy operating while on vacation, mounted in a window or on a balcony. Features include maximum power of 25W PEP SSB, 10W FM/AM and Digital; low-loss PL-259 connectors; and antenna tuning in five seconds on any frequency between 7 and 30 MHz. 8.5′ coaxial cable with BNC connector included. How does it perform? Field tests have yielded more than 800 QRP DX contacts, including a distance world record. Each AlexLoop is completely hand-crafted by Alex himself, from the first screw to the final test.

For convenient transport, the antenna comes with a full-size backpack featuring two reinforced pouches—one for accessories and the other to accommodate any size QRP rig. The new large, precisely-printed scale that displays the range of frequencies, a very smooth geared tuning system, and the exclusive AlexTune LED Indicator make tuning this portable magnetic loop super easy.

Click for more details. And watch a video of PY1AHD and his HamPack system here.

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