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New Product Showcase: Stands and Mounts for the IC-705

When your IC-705 HF/50/144/430 MHz All Mode Portable Transceiver isn’t safely nestled in your IC-705 backpack while hiking along trails or scaling hills, how can you make sure it’s secure for portable or in-shack operating? Here are four excellent options available from DX Engineering:

  • Desk Stand: The BASE-705 from WiMo features a heavy, black- powdercoated flat steel plate that matches the color of the IC-705 and gives the rig stability in the field or on a table in the shack. The mount has a standard quarter-inch threaded stud and swivel ball head with a knob-style set screw for easy adjustment. 
  • Also from WiMo is the MBA-705 Holder with Antenna Mount. The holder is attached to the side of the IC-705 in place of the grounding screw and can lock the radio into two positions, straight up or tilt back, while the antenna remains vertical. A user-supplied antenna mounts to the UHF Female/SO-239, connected to the IC-705 with an included coaxial adapter cable. The MBA-705 makes it easy to mount antennas such as the Comet HFJ-350M, HFJ-350MTOYBOX, or Diamond RHM-10B. A thumbscrew stud next to the antenna mount makes it easy to connect counterpoise wires.
  • Icom’s MBF-705 Desktop Holder keeps the portable transceiver steady and positioned upward for easy viewing and operation.
  • Nifty’s Heavy-Duty Desk Stand for the IC-705 provides stable support and an ideal viewing angle. The transceiver securely attaches to the stand using a ¼-20 thumbscrew—no suction cups required. The stand includes two upright tangs that support the rear of the radio, and allows unobstructed access to the GND stud and microSD Card, antenna jack, and the other connection points on the radio.

Also available from DX Engineering is the new Nifty Mini-Manual for the IC-705, featuring 26 laminated pages of easy-to-understand instructions that fit nicely in your hip pocket.

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