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New Product Showcase: 2M-microBEAM Antenna from COMPACtenna

COMPACtenna antennas are for Hams who have big ideas about what they’d like to accomplish in small spaces.

The company’s lineup up of multi-band antennas (and new 2M-only antenna—see below), ranging from 7 to 46 inches tall, are designed for high performance using a small ground plane with no required tuning of the antenna structure. Their stealthy size makes them perfect for installing in attics, enclosed patios, or sheds, whether you’re living in an apartment or condo, facing HOA restrictions, or dealing with neighbors who might be less than thrilled at the sight of a large antenna. Mounted on vehicles, these antennas don’t restrict garage or drive-thru access.

What’s Available

Hams can choose from dual-band, tri-band, shortwave radio receive (3,000 to 30,000 kHz), combined CB/2M/440, and scanner antennas. The SCAN-III model (100-1,500 MHz) is optimized for public service-safety and government frequency bands.

The 46-inch HAMR-7 Series antennas deliver superior omni-directional coverage installed in a garage or attic, or set up outside for portable/vacation operation. COMPACtenna says they operate typically under 2:1 across the frequency range depending on antenna mounting position and surrounding metal structures. Three HAMR-7 models are available at DX Engineering:

What’s New?

2M-microBEAM Antenna

This small, high-performance beam directional gain antenna for 2 meters is designed to fit in tight spaces and through attic openings that won’t accommodate standard beam antennas—even small ones. Measuring 19″ L x 28″ W x 28″ H, the lightweight antenna requires little assembly and lets you use an inexpensive TV-antenna-style rotor.

Check out this video of Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO, interviewing Dr. Jack Nilsson, N8NDL, inventor of the COMPACtenna.

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