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New Manufacturer Spotlight: Hi-Mound Keys and Paddles

Ever use a computer mouse that didn’t feel quite right? Or a keyboard that didn’t have the right touch or that satisfying clickety-clack you prefer? Or a joystick that, for whatever reason, didn’t deliver the desired ergonomics or the responsiveness you needed for obliterating zombies? We feel your pain.

The same can be said of telegraph keys. One Ham’s ideal instrument is another operator’s struggle to get comfortable. It’s one reason why DX Engineering is committed to providing as many high-quality choices as possible for sending Morse code messages. And it’s why DXE is excited to announce another winning addition to its lineup of CW key manufacturers: Hi-Mound.

Hi-Mound offers straight keys that accommodate both American and British sending styles:

  • American (low profile, arm on table, hand on key knob close to the table)
  • British (higher knob placement, elbow off the table, hand on the knob but arm not touching the table)

Founded in Japan in 1947, Hi-Mound makes keys that are ideal for both new operators and longtime CW specialists. Also available are economy, standard, and deluxe iambic paddles. Check out models that come with a solid marble base for a distinctive look in your shack. For more details, enter “Hi-Mound” at Here’s a list of what’s available:

HIM-HK-705: Economy Straight Key, Low Profile, No Base

HIM-HK-706: Clear Cover Straight Key, Low Profile, Plastic Base

HIM-HK-707 : Black Cover Straight Key, Low Profile, Plastic Base

HIM-HK-708: No Cover Straight Key, Low Profile, Plastic Base

HIM-HK-709: Straight Key, High Profile, Plastic Base

HIM-HK-808 : Clear Cover Straight Key, High Profile, Marble Base

HIM-MK-701 : Classic Iambic Paddle, No Base, Black Finger Piece

HIM-MK-705 : Deluxe Iambic Paddle, Marble Base, Black Finger Piece

HIM-MK-706 : Iambic Paddle, Black Steel Base, Black Finger Piece

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