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New Manufacturer Announcement: DX Engineering Welcomes GHD Telegraph Key!

CW fans take note. DX Engineering is now offering exceptional Morse code iambic paddles and straight keys from GHD Telegraph Key, featuring chrome finishing, aircraft-quality bearings, and gold- and/or silver-plated contacts. Manufactured in Sendai, Japan, by Toshihiko Ujiie, JA7GHD, GHD keys are finely crafted instruments, combining form, function and long-lasting durability to create a satisfying operating experience, whether contesting or sharpening your coding skills. Billed as “The Telegraph Key of the World,” GHD instruments are available in these models from DX Engineering:

  • GM701: This 5-ounce, palm-size travel paddle with retractable finger pieces measures only 3 inches x 1.5 inches when retracted—perfect for easy transport.
  • GN507F: This large-base iambic paddle has a chrome-plated base, clear finger pieces, and gold-plated contacts. For the GN507DXF model, the position of the springs and contacts are reversed to put the contacts farther away from the finger pieces.
  • GN607F: This classic iambic paddle features a chrome-plated base, red finger pieces, and gold-plated contacts. The GN607F and GN607DXF models are built on a smaller base than the GN507s.
  • GN807F: This is an excellent entry-level iambic paddle, featuring a chrome-plated base, black finger pieces, silver-plated contacts, and smaller spring tension.
  • GT501A: This top-of-the-line “Finest Straight Key” has a chrome-plated base, black key knob, and chrome hardware.
  • GT705A: The less expensive GHD Straight Key has a brush chrome-plated base, black key knob, and silver-plated contacts.
  • GN204S: This single lever paddle features a chrome-plated base, chrome hardware, red paddle, and silver-plated contacts.

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