New DXCC Entity Announced on April 1—Micro Pohnie

The newest DX entity is the Republic of the Micro Pohnie Islands. The call signs assigned to this island republic are 1APR1 – 30APR30.

This small island chain is located in the South Pacific in the area of the Caroline Islands. Situated between the Yap and Hall islands, Micro Pohnie is made up of one large mainland, with ten smaller islands that help protect the eastern side of the mainland from foul weather. Only two of the smaller islands (Uphar Sidbnd, and Lowher Sidbnd) are inhabited, leaving the other eight for camping by tourists. On the northwest side of the mainland, the Sonofa Beach area is world famous for the white sand beaches and gentle South Pacific breezes that make visiting there a memory that will last a lifetime.

Tourists can visit the islands year-round, and the majority of visitors arrive via the FSK International Airport.

Ferry service is available to reach all the islands and runs mainly between Dypole Cove and Port Tune.

When there, make sure you check out the Double Sidband Lakes area, where the fresh water is cold and invigorating. Amateur radio is welcome and licensing can be arranged through the MPCC offices located in the main kiosk of the FSK International Airport; ask for the amateur radio liaison, Loof Lirpa.

The currency is the Quesl which is about equal to 50 cents US.

Most major airlines have routine flights in and out of Micro Pohnie.

A very happy April Fool’s Day to all.


Tom – KB8UUZ


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