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Microphone Spotlight: New Offerings for Icom and Yaesu

Ask any longtime Ham and they’ll tell you what a difference an upgraded microphone can make for your transmissions. We’re pleased to showcase two new mics that can help take care your outdoor or indoor operations to new levels.

Handheld Speaker Microphone for Icom D-STAR HTs

Available exclusively in North America through DX Engineering, this ruggedly built IP-67-rated remote control microphone is compatible with Icom’s ID-31/51/52 D-STAR series radios. It features higher audio output without the need for a powered internal amplifier, delivering louder and more intelligible audio in a larger housing compared to Icom’s OE mini-mic.

Made to professional-grade specifications, it comes with front-mounted pushbutton controls (Channel Up/Down and Icom A/B Function), a unique wind baffle for clearer transmitting, ergonomic design that makes it ideal for operating with gloves on, and a robust swivel clothing mic clip that provides 360 degree rotation. Connections to the transceiver use the standard right angle two-pin connector.

Yaesu M-70 Desktop Microphone

Whether you’re into the whole brevity thing or have the gift of gab, the M-70 makes a great addition to your Yaesu rig. It utilizes a directional condenser element with a precisely-tuned frequency response that delivers clear and crisp audio. Audio is further enhanced by an isolation transformer integrated in the circuit board.

The PTT employs three air-cylinder tubes, similar to the M-1 model, to provide solid and smooth extended operation. A simple one-touch PTT keylock button is placed just above the PTT key for long rag-chews. The M-70 is compatible with all Yaesu HF transceivers equipped with round 8-pin microphone connector or 8-pin modular microphone connector.

Click here for DX Engineering’s full lineup of microphones and accessories from Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, Heil, and INRAD.

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