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mAT-TUNER Automatic Tuner Made Specifically for the ICOM IC-705

A proud member of the venerable Vibroplex family of Amateur Radio products, mAT-TUNER from INRAD has introduced a tuner built for one of the most anticipated rigs in recent memory—ICOM’s IC-705 HF/50/144/430 MHz All Mode Portable Transceiver.

The compact and ready-for-outdoor-ops mAT-705 Automatic Antenna Tuner arrives just in time to add simple and convenient tuning functions to the IC-705, with the ability to tune dipoles verticals, Yagis, or virtually any coax-fed antenna within the range of 1.8 MHz to 54 MHz. mAT-TUNER says the device matches a range of antennas and impedances far greater than other tuners on the market.The mAT-705 …

  • Connects to the TUNER socket of the IC-705 transceiver through a dedicated control cable
  • Boasts tuning times of 0.1 to 5 seconds full tune, 0.1 seconds memory tune
  • Is housed in a sturdy aluminum metal shell
  • Comes with 16,000 frequency memories
  • Uses “Memory Tune” to recall the previous tuning parameters in a fraction of a second
  • Is powered by a 9V alkaline battery and includes many power-saving features
  • Includes the mAT-705 control cable which connects to the TUNER socket of the radio and the CON socket of the tuner
  • Has a gross weight just over 1 lb. so it won’t weigh down your backpack or Go-Kit

For a deeper look, check out the tuner’s operating manual here. Contact DX Engineering for availability. And be sure to check out the full lineup of mAT-TUNER Antenna Tuners and interface cables, including models for Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, and tuners for most HF transceivers.

Editor’s Note: For September, we using our Word of the Day column to focus on new products that have become available since the 2020 DX Engineering catalog came out.


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