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Manufacturer Spotlight: HA8KF Magnetic Keyer Paddles

DX Engineering is well known for spanning the globe to bring hams the constant variety of amateur radio. While the preceding sentence may sound like a shameless copy of how longtime host Jim McKay introduced ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” (see ski-jumping “agony of defeat” guy, Vinko Bogotaj, here), it is nonetheless true: DX Engineering is committed to making it as easy as possible for operators to purchase gear from the 160 manufacturers we’re proud to carry from around the globe.

One of those is HA8KF Magnetic Paddles. Handmade in Hungary and available exclusively in North America from DX Engineering, these finely crafted iambic paddles continue to help operators experience “the thrill of victory” in CW contests that demand a precision instrument in the shack. The single- and dual-lever paddles feature smooth operation, extra-heavy steel bases (large square, large round, or small round), four feet under the base for added stability, easy tension and needle contact spacing adjustments, pre-wired ¼ inch phone plug, variegated black powdercoat finish, and your choice of blue or red aluminum finger pieces.

The new DX Engineering catalog includes the dual-lever HKF-KEY-SOTA model, which has a smaller, square aluminum base for easier portable ops.

In assessing his purchase, one customer who gave the iambic dual-lever paddle (HKF-KEY-LR) five stars expressed his satisfaction succinctly: “Really nice product and good operation.”

What do other hams say?

Five Stars: “I wish I had bought this sooner! I love this key! It feels great, operates well, and it looks beautiful. The weight is enough to keep it completely stable on the desk. Support is also incredible. The DX Engineering agent that I spoke with originally was excellent about guiding me with points to consider, as well as emphasizing that this is a personal choice. When I had questions, DX Engineering responded very rapidly. Not only that, but they contacted HA8KF, and he responded even more rapidly. Definitely a purchase I do not regret!”

For many more details, watch this video of Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO, and Mark Ludwick, W8BBQ, DX Engineering customer/technical support specialist who owns an HA8KF device, discuss the many benefits of these attractive CW workhorses.


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