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How-To: Demonstration of Radio Analog’s Panadapter Module for Icom IC-7300

Think one of Icom’s most beloved transceivers, the IC-7300, couldn’t get any better? Think again. IC-7300 owners who have always wanted to view the rig’s panadapter in an easier-to-see format can now do so with Radio Analog’s PTRX-7300 IF Interface Module—available exclusively in North America from DX Engineering.

In this video, DX Engineering’s own Ken “Digital” Dorsey, KA8OAD, demonstrates the amazing results you can expect by installing this impedance matched and buffered device, which samples IF signals from the IC-7300 for your SDR receiver and display—without soldering, signal loss or disruption to the transceiver’s proper function.

The module installs easily into the IC-7300, adding an IF connector on the rig’s rear panel for connecting your SDR receiver to put the IC-7300’s own signals onto a much larger screen. You can even sync the tuning of the SDR to the IC-7300 with third-party rig control software. DX Engineering offers the DX Patrol MK4 SDR Receiver (see video) to use as the PTRX-7300 panadapter companion for your PC, laptop, MAC or mobile device.

Also, check out this video from Digital Dorsey on how to install the PTRX-7300.