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Holiday Gifts for Hams: DX Engineering Gift Card

What do you get the Hams in your life who seem to have everything? While a rare Wouff-Hong may be out of the question (and perhaps well beyond your price range), the next best thing is a DX Engineering Gift Card. It takes the guesswork out of holiday shopping by allowing your fellow operators to purchase the gear they want whenever they want it—everything from coaxial assemblies to paddles, transceivers to directional antenna systems, tool kits to noise cancelling speakers from leading Amateur Radio manufacturers. More than 30,000 products are available at or by calling 800-777-0703.

A DX Engineering Gift Card is the one-size-fits-all present that every Ham will love. For those who argue that these pieces of plastic are too impersonal, we say you’ve probably never met a Ham who understands the joy of having extra currency that must be devoted to his or her favorite hobby.

Order your gift cards online or by phone in denominations from $25 to $500. Gift Cards retain the remaining balance if not redeemed for the entire face value in one transaction.

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