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Ham Products for Effective Grounding and Lightning Protection: Single-Point Grounding Solutions

One of the simple tricks of maintaining an effective grounding system for your station is to keep it neat and organized. Easier said than done, you say? It’s an issue in which the active amateur radio operators at DX Engineering have invested a great deal of brain power over the years. Out of this arose the popular GBWM-W Copper Ground Bus Wall Mount—a rugged solution that can be used as a station ground bus or as a single point for mounting surge protectors.

The GBWM-W is wide enough to mount up to four DX Engineering Flange Mount Coaxial Surge Arrestors, DXE-ISFL1-NF2K. If you need an arrestor for bulkhead mounting, choose the DXE-ISBH1-NF2K model.

The unit also supports up to four PolyPhaser Flange-Mounted Coaxial Lightning Protectors or Alpha Delta Model TT/ATT3G50 type F and N surge protectors. Heavy 13 gauge (.0937 inch) tempered copper prevents twisting or flexing from the weight of long coax cable runs. GBWM-W ground buses come with ground lugs, ring terminals, and hardware.

Other features include:

  • May be used indoors or outdoors
  • Supplied copper lugs handle ground wires from 14 to 4 AWG to attach to single-point grounds, station grounds, or ground rods
  • Crimp ring terminals are provided for additional ground-wire connections

What do Hams think?

Five Stars: “I needed to mount four Alpha Delta coax surge protectors. This ground bus works great, plus provides additional side mounting points for ground wires.”

Five Stars: “I have it attached to a nearby table for my lightning surge protection PolyPhasers. Since I’m in a wheelchair, access to a heavy wall or floor-mounted ground bus would be a challenge. This one from DX Engineering is light yet sturdy. It’s perfect for my radio shack needs, as well as my personal limitations. I would definitely recommend it… and the same goes for DX Engineering.”

Five Stars: “Good and solidly made with high-quality hardware. Looks like it will last for years!”

DX Engineering Copper Grounding Plate Kit

For another single-point ground system solution, choose the DX Engineering Copper Grounding Plate Kit, a convenient way to mount multiple lightning protectors and tie them to a single ground. It features a sturdy copper plate mounted to an MDF board. The kit contains a 25-foot-long copper strap, two copper clamps, Loctite copper joint compound, Scotch-Brite cleaning pad, lead anchors for mounting the board to masonry, and hardware.

Go to to view the complete lineup of DX Engineering branded grounding equipment and lightning protection, including surge arrestors, enclosure kits, copper strap bonding clamps, universal copper grounding clamps, RF ground plane kits, bearing bypass ground kits, and more. Need a comprehensive resource for grounding your station? We highly recommend OnAllBands blogger Ward Silver, N0AX’s book, ARRL’s Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur.

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