Get Ready for the 6th Annual Novice Rig Roundup

For those who recall their salad days of 75 watts input and crystal frequency control, your Ham Radio Olympics is just around the corner.

The 6th Annual Novice Rig Roundup, March 7-15 (000Z to 2359Z), is a super-cool blast of nostalgia for Hams who want to go on the air with the old-school rigs they used when they were Novices, or with the wish-list radios of their youth that they now have the means to purchase.

The Novice Rig Roundup (NRR) is the perfect opportunity to hop in the way-back machine, set the dial to your early Ham shack, and enjoy a leisurely and stress-free nine days of operating CW like you did as a teen, with all the “whoops,” “chirps,” and “drift” of days gone by. It’s a casual affair that’s all about having fun and claiming bragging rights and award certificates. Per the rules, “spotting, sked pages, and social media for announcing frequencies and arranging contacts is approved and highly encouraged for NRR.” For logging purposes, the contest recognizes two classes of stations: Novice 1—up to 75W plate input and crystal frequency control, and Novice 2— “everything else.”

Click here for a sampling of classic rigs operated during past NRR events. Don’t have a Knight T-60 Transmitter, Hammarlund HQ-100A Receiver, Heath HW-16 CW Transceiver, Globe Scout 65 HF Ham Transmitter, Drake 2-C Receiver or 2-NT Transmitter, or homebrew contraption? Don’t worry. Novice-type equipment is encouraged but not mandatory. Find complete rules, suggested frequencies, loads of vintage rig photos, and how to receive your lifetime NRR membership number. Learn more at the Novice Rig Roundup Facebook page.

Do you remember your first rig? What about the radio you dreamed about but never acquired? How about the one you pawned to purchase an engagement ring? Tell us about it. We’d love to hear your stories!

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