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Get Out Your Red Pen—The New 2021 DX Engineering Catalog is Here!

Like many of you, the active hams at DX Engineering remember youthful days of leafing through crisp new catalogs, circling the items that we wanted, and then wishing we had the cash to add them to our stations. So we mowed lawns, painted fences, took out the garbage, ran errands—whatever we could do to scrape together the nickels and dimes to procure that shiny new radio that would expand our world thousands of miles beyond our bedroom walls. And like Ralphie in a Christmas Story, we placed not-so-subtle hints to our parents—and ate every last vegetable on our plates—hoping that the holidays would bring the latest rig to our shacks.

While some companies have let their catalogs go the way of the horse and buggy, DX Engineering still believes that a print catalog—in addition to an easy-to-use online digital version—is something many amateur operators look forward to for reasons other than mere nostalgia. 

The hot-off-the-presses 2021 DX Engineering Amateur Radio Products Catalog contains:

Please note that the DX Engineering catalog represents only the tip of the iceberg of the 30,000-plus products available at (now designed for easier use on a smartphone or other smart device).

Click here to request your free copy of the DX Engineering 2021 catalog today!

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