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New Product Showcase: Geochron Digital Atlas 4K

For amateurs who have always dreamed about mounting a Geochron world clock in the shack, the technicians at this renowned company have made it easier for operators everywhere to enjoy all the functionality and Ham-friendly features of this unique time piece—at a fraction of the cost.

DX Engineering is proud to carry the latest version of Geochron’s Digital Atlas 4K. The device gives viewers magnificent displays of the Earth with sunrise-sunset rendered in real time through a small computer that plugs directly into a 4K TV (not provided) via HDMI.

Unlike its mechanical cousin, the size of the display is only limited by the size of your TV. The Ham Radio mapset comes packed with features made for amateur radio operators, including display of the “Grey Line” (the band around the Earth separating daylight from darkness) in real time—a huge benefit for optimizing long-distance communication. The Ham mapset also includes:

  • DX and International Prefixes
  • Country Names and Borders
  • Equatorial, Latitude and Longitude, and Tropic Points of Reference
  • Major Topographical Features
  • The Grey Line Against a Mercator Projection
  • The Analemma, Showing the Sun’s Position at Relative Noon
  • The Month, Day, and Hour of Every Time Zone on Earth, Including Zulu Time

This latest version (GEO-400-1000A) comes with an array of new features:

  • More powerful hardware platform with 4x faster refresh rates
  • More capable Wi-Fi functionality
  • Quad-core Intel processor
  • Faster menu operation

Other features include…

  • Continuously updating* (with internet*) Global Satellite Weather Overlays showing precipitation, wind speed, barometric pressure, temperature, and cloud cover
  • Static overlays that show Earth at Night, major shipping routes, major flight routes, carbon monoxide pollution, human population, and simultaneous UTC with local time readout
  • Live location of the International Space Station and over 300 satellites updated every second*
  • High-speed demonstration mode plays one year in 15 seconds
  • 16 locations pins with custom text names and local time that you can place anywhere on the map

Along with the mini-computer, you receive a three-foot cord power supply; one-foot HDMI cable, male to female; remote control and AAA batteries; one-year warranty; and new updates as available with user-provided Internet service.

Watch this video from DX Engineering’s YouTube channel of Geochron owner Patrick Bolan discussing the Digital Atlas 4K with Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO. For more information and to order, visit

What do Hams think?

Five Stars: Really impressive, the image on a 4K TV is staggering and the live updates of satellites, etc., is icing on the cake.

Five Stars: The new version of the famous Geochron clock is just great. I loved it so much I bought three: two running in the shack and one set in the first floor reading room on a 4K, 85-inch LED TV. It will blow you away at the visual data, modes that can be changed, DX areas, ITU zones and more, as well as current satellite tracking. Just GREAT, and upgrades are downloadable as well.

For October, our Word of the Day column will be focusing on new products that have become available since the 2020 DX Engineering catalog came out.

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