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Gearing Up for ARRL Field Day 2022 Part 4: Wire Antenna Kits, Masts, Guy Rings and More

In our first three installments of Gearing Up for ARRL Field Day 2022, we addressed coaxial cable, headsets and foot switches, and power—all important components of a successful weekend (June 25-26), but they won’t mean a thing without the right antennas to make sure your signals are getting out. Not to worry, though. There’s still plenty of time to assess your antenna situation, do your research, and seek expert help at DX Engineering, which offers several options to make upgrading and deploying your Field Day antennas simple and effective.

DX Engineering EZ-BUILD® UWA Center-T and End Insulator Kit:

This kit has the pieces you need to create a range of wire antennas, including single-band, multi-band, multi-frequency, folded dipole, doublet and inverted-V, off-center fed, Windom, Zepp, long wires, rhombic, V-beam, or loop antennas. There’s no need for looping, wrapping, or soldering, so adjusting wire lengths in the field is fast and simple. Plus, the kit is made from a strong UV-resistant poly-resin plastic that can handle the weight of huge wire antennas, with balun and attached coax.

Designed for building wire antennas for high-power operations, this model mounts to any DX Engineering balun for a balanced and isolated wire antenna, or this insulator kit may be used directly with DX Engineering 300-ohm Ladder Line for a non-resonant multi-band dipole. Read more about resonant versus non-resonant antennas here.

The kit includes:

  • One center-T insulator featuring an exclusive no-loop, no-solder wire, multiple wire, or 300-ohm ladder line serpentine grip design, which allows for rapid field adjustments; the center-T includes a centered top hole for attaching support ropes
  • Two end insulators featuring the no-loop, no-solder, serpentine grip design
  • Two stainless steel wire connection bolts, nuts, and washers
  • Six crimp ring terminals for antenna and ladder line wire connections
  • Additional stainless steel hardware for mounting DX Engineering baluns

Use the DX Engineering EZ-BUILD® UWA213-KIT for the construction of an RG-213 or RG-8U coax-fed wire antenna, without a balun, that will be operated at high power and high duty cycle modes of operation, such as AM, RTTY, or FM. The UWA8X Center-T and End Insulator Kit is made to handle low and medium power levels and tolerate low SWR.

DX Engineering Multi-Band Dipole Antenna Kits

Ideal for easy setup on Field Day, these rugged yet lightweight 2,500W power rated antennas are usable to 30 MHz with a tuner balun (available separately). They feature strong and flexible 14 AWG stranded-copper, relaxed PVC-jacketed elements; 18 AWG 300-ohm ladder feedline; center-T support; and end mount brackets. Choose from three models:

  • DXE-WA-070: Antenna, 70-Foot Long for 40M and Up
  • DXE-WA-135: Antenna, 135-Foot Long for 80M and Up
  • DXE-WA-260: Antenna, 260-Foot Long for 160M and Up

Find many more wire antenna options at DX from leadings brands, including Alpha Delta, Buckmaster, Bushcomm, Chameleon, Diamond, EAntenna, MFJ, and SOTABeams.

All Your Field Day Antenna Needs in One Place

DX Engineering Skyhawk Tri-Band Yagi: This popular, high-performance 20/15/10M antenna features ten elements; a 24-foot boom; VSWR of less than 1.4:1 between 14.0 and 14.35 MHz, measured at feedpoint; a gain of better than 7 dBi across band; and a front-to-back ratio of >20 dB across the entire band.

Telescopic Masts: DX Engineering’s new Premier Telescoping Carbon Fiber Masts make a great choice as a temporary antenna support on Field Day. Available in four versions (24-, 33-, and 49-foot, and heavy-duty 33-foot), these masts collapse down to a compact size for easy portability. They are lighter than aluminum and fiberglass, yet stiffer than steel of the same thickness. 

Also available are DX Engineering Complete Telescoping Fiberglass Tubing and Cam Lock Clamp Kits. Made for easy deployment and transport, the kits feature high-quality pultruded fiberglass tubing with nominal 0.120-inch wall thicknesses for strength, durability, and smooth telescoping. Depending on the kit, tubing is collapsible to either 4 feet or 7.5 feet for easy storage and convenient loading in a vehicle. 

Visit for more portable mast options: WiMo Telescoping Masts from a maximum of 13 feet to 52 feet tall, Bushcomm Portable Mast KitMFJ Telescoping Fiberglass Masts, and the CP-45 Telescopic Aluminum Mast from Comet

DX Engineering Guy Ring Sets: Constructed from glass-reinforced poly-resin material, these guys are available in sets of two, four or five, fitting 2, 1-1/2, 1-1/4, 1, and 3/4 inch O.D. tubing). These precision-engineered and strong rings are made for guying DX Engineering, Hustler, and all brands of aluminum tubing vertical antennas, as well as the DX Engineering Telescoping Aluminum Antenna Tubing Kit.

Ropes: DX Engineering carries Mastrant Antenna Support and Guy Line Ropes in a range of lengths, break strengths, and diameters. Made for supporting wire antennas, vertical antennas, masts, and Yagi booms and elements, Mastrant ropes are UV-protected for longevity and deliver maximum performance at a smart price. Also choose from Synthetic Textile Industries premium double-braided Dacron/polyester rope. Available in 100-, 350-, 500-, or 1,000-foot lengths, STI rope is a great choice for guying wire and vertical antennas. Also find DX Engineering easy-to-install, steel Rope Guying Earth Anchors at

Take care of all your Field Day 2022 needs at, including power supplies, DX Engineering logo canopy shelterbatteriesand portable generators.

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