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Field Day Made Simple: Combo Packages that Take the Guesswork Out of Building a Temporary Station

If you’re new to Field Day (June 27-28, 2020) or just getting your feet wet in Ham Radio, assembling all the pieces and parts you need for your temporary station can be a hassle. Questions abound: What transceiver do I select? How about a power source? What power supply (converter) will I need? I know a quality headset can make a big difference, but which one?

The folks at DX Engineering understand that while Field Day can be serious business when it comes to honing your portable operating skills, it’s also supposed to be fun—and having the wrong gear or incompatible equipment certainly won’t translate into a jolly good time. With this in mind, they’ve made things a bit easier by offering two Field Day combo packages which provide some of the basics—and a couple of cool extras—that will help you get started.

The ICOM Portable Field Day Combo Package includes:

The Yaesu Portable Field Day Combo Package comes with all of the above and the Yaesu FT-991A HF/VHF/UHF Multi-Mode Transceiver instead of the ICOM rig and handles.

For all of your Field Day needs, including antennas, coaxial cable, connectors, tools, portable masts, and more, visit DX

A Final Field Day Thought

Most importantly during this extraordinary time, Amateur Radio clubs are being forced to rethink how to best approach Field Day 2020. Here are some thoughts to consider and tips on ways to adapt from the ARRL.

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