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Eton Shortwave Radios and Home Emergency Products Now Available at DX Engineering

DX Engineering has announced that it is now carrying Elite series shortwave radios and home emergency items from Eton Corporation—an American company that has gained a strong worldwide reputation for innovation since its founding in 1986. Some of its products are manufactured and branded for the American Red Cross and Canadian Red Cross.

Based in Palo Alto, California, Eton—formerly known as Lextronics—produces hand-crank and solar-powered radios, shortwave radios, weather alert radios, solar-powered lanterns, flashlights, first-aid kits, survival kits, and more. Available items can be purchased at DX Engineering’s website,

“We are thrilled to add Eton Corporation to DX Engineering’s growing list of more than 160 manufacturers we carry. We know our customers are going to appreciate the high level of quality that has become synonymous with the Eton name,” said Tim Duffy, K3LR, DX Engineering CEO. “Fans of shortwave listening are going to particularly appreciate Eton’s lineup of high-performance radios that allow them to receive the latest news on what’s happening in the world.”

Here are some of Eton’s most popular products:

Elite 750 Shortwave Radio: This model combines full shortwave capabilities and a classic design to deliver a superior listening experience. Listeners can tune into AM(MW), FM, SW, LW, SSB, and aircraft band frequencies. The radio features a 360-degree rotating AM antenna for pulling in weak signals, the ability to program up to 100 channels for each band, and MP3 player connectivity. Other features include:

  • Auto/Manual/Direct frequency key-in and station memory tuning
  • Auto Tuning Storage (ATS) for FM/AM/Shortwave
  • 1,000 station memories (each band 100 memories, 500 customizable)

Elite Executive Shortwave Radio: This compact, powerful, and portable radio makes staying in touch with the world easy. It receives AM(MW), FM with Radio Data System (RDS), LW, SW, SSB, and VHF aircraft band frequencies, plus includes a PLL tuner to ensure AM signals are strong and clear. Its attractive leather case with craftsman stitching makes it convenient to take just about anywhere. Other features include:

  • Sync detector with selectable sideband
  • Direct key-in meter band for SW
  • 700 memory stations

Elite Field Shortwave Radio: Enjoy AM(MW), FM with RDS, and SW frequencies with this reliable radio that features easy-to-set spacing and frequencies so your preferred stations come in loud and clear wherever you happen to be. The Bluetooth-ready unit also allows you to stream your favorite music and podcasts. Other features include:

  • RF gain control
  • Wide/narrow bandwidth selection
  • 50 memory stations

Elite Mini AM/FM Shortwave Radio: This mini model packs a powerful punch thanks to its internal AM antenna and telescoping FM/SW antenna that enables you to tune in your favorite local stations or listen to music and news from across the globe. Includes sleep timer that lets you fall asleep to your favorite station, as well as a wake-up alarm. Comes in a custom leather pouch.

Elite Traveler Shortwave Radio: Listen to the latest news on AM(MW), FM, LW, and SW. The radio features automatic or manual digital tuning, auto tuning storage, 500 memory stations, sleep timer, and alarm clock function.

Coming Soon: The Elite Satellit HD Radio (AM, FM-stereo, SSB-selectable USB/LSB, and CW) boasts frequency coverage of 100-30,000 kHz, including SW, AM(MW) broadcast band, and LW; 500 programmable memories; excellent sensitivity; large 5.7 inch digital display; and much more.

Here are some of Eton’s home safety and emergency devices available from DX Engineering:

Be sure to follow OnAllBands for more details on Eton products in the days ahead. Enter “Eton” at to review products currently available and place your orders.

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