DX Engineering Sponsors Rare Activation of Kiska Island, July 25-31!

While the United States ranks at the very bottom of the DXCC Most-Wanted List, there are still locales in North America, particularly as you near the far reaches of the continent, that are highly coveted by DX chasers as well as IOTA (Islands on the Air) and POTA (Parks on the Air) enthusiasts.

One of those spots is Kiska Island (NA-070)—a 22-mile-long uninhabited strip of land that will soon be the hub of on-air activity for hams worldwide. The island is part of the Aleutian Islands World War II National Monument and Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge (the reason special permission is required to set foot there). It lies 205 miles east of Attu Island, the westernmost point of Alaska.

The K7K DXpedition, commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of the Aleutian Islands (June 1942-August 1943), will be active on all bands in CW, SSB, and FT8 from July 25-29. From July 30-31 during the 2022 RSGB IOTA Contest, the DXpedition team will be operating for 24 hours (1200-1200 UTC) as KL7RRC on 40/20/15/10M in CW and SSB. The K7K DXpedition, which anticipates having four stations operating around the clock, will also mark the first-ever POTA activation of K-0143 (Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge).

The team had planned to operate from Kiska in summer 2021, but their efforts were cut short after successfully making contacts from Adak Island (NA-039)—the first leg of the truncated two-island DXpedition.

For the K7K DXpedition’s travel itinerary, band plan, and details on how donors can receive a special QSL card with an actual stone from the island, visit the K7K website here. Also check out this video of K7K operator Hal, W8HC, being interviewed by DX Engineering’s Tim, K3LR, and Mark, W8BBQ:


DX Engineering Onboard

Billed as “The Most Anticipated DXpedition of the Year,” K7K will be relying on gear provided by DX Engineering—a major equipment sponsor of this rare opportunity. In addition to using DX Engineering Coaxial Connection Weatherproofing Kits to make sure stations are protected from Kiska’s harsh climate, operations on the island will be enhanced by band pass filters, headsets, headset adapter cables, power supplies, and connectors from leading manufacturers carried by DX Engineering.

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