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DX Engineering New Product Spotlight: OSL Calibration Set for RigExpert Antenna Analyzers

For anyone who loves the ease and functionality of their RigExpert Analyzer, here’s a new offering from DX Engineering that makes one of the most respected pieces of test equipment even better. Not possible? Read on.

The OSL (Open-Short-Load) Calibration Set allows the measurement reference plane of advanced RigExpert analyzers (AA-55ZOOM and higher) to be moved to the far end of a transmission line for accurate measurement of any antenna in its proper operating location.

How do they work? Advanced RigExpert analyzer models allow “recalibration” to be toggled on to use these Open-Short-Load calibration standards to reset the reference plane. Calibrating with these standards at the far end of any 50-ohm coaxial cable assembly subtracts the electrical parameters of that coaxial cable and its specific length, a process referred to as “nulling” the cable.

After selecting your analyzer’s “Calibrate” function and attaching the Open, Short and Load calibration standards to the end of a coaxial cable as directed, you can view the “true” characteristics of the antenna under test, as if the analyzer were connected directly to the antenna feedpoint.

Open, Short, and Load standards are built into high-quality silver-plated chassis mount SO-239 (UHF female) connectors. The Open standard has no connection from center to shield, the Short standard has a short circuit tab soldered from center to shield, and the Load standard has a shroud over a potted 50-ohm load resistor. The set includes a beaded tie to keep them together in your analyzer tool kit.

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