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DX Engineering Gear Making the Trip to Clipperton Island in January 2024

Scheduled for mid-January 2024, the TX5S Clipperton Island DXpedition will mark the first major activation of this 38th ranked DXCC entity—an uninhabited ring-shaped French territory in the eastern Pacific Ocean—in over ten years. You can visit the TX5S website for full details.

The TX5S team will be relying on a range of DX Engineering gear—from hardware and tools to high-quality coaxial cable and proven dual vertical array systems—that you can purchase for your own stations to enhance your DXing capabilities. Serving as a major equipment sponsor for rare activations like Clipperton Island is part of DX Engineering’s continued commitment to helping hams everywhere get more enjoyment out of their amateur radio experience.

The TX5S team will be using:

  • DX Engineering Premier Telescoping Heavy-Duty Carbon Fiber Mast, 32 Feet: Lighter than aluminum and fiberglass and stiffer than steel of the same thickness, these masts deliver superior resistance to corrosion and breakdown. Their short section lengths allow for easy transport and low-cost shipping. Clamps are removable for placement of optional guy rings, and their lever grip is adjustable with the included 3mm Allen wrench.
  • DX Engineering F-Connector RG-6 Coax Cable Tool Kit: Housed in a sturdy case with precut foam, this kit includes stripping tool for RG-6U dual shield/quad shield and F-6 size cable, 25 Universal Compression F-connectors for any RG-6U or F-6 cables, F-connector compression tool, coaxial cable shears, F-connector tightening tool, and replacement stripping tool blades.
  • COMTEK Vertical Feedpoint Connection Kits: A great choice for building aluminum vertical four-square or two-element phased arrays, these kits make it easy to attach a coaxial cable to aluminum tubing. They feature silver SO-239s and stainless steel hardware.
  • DX Engineering Premium Antenna Wire: This PVC-insulated 14 AWG stranded copper wire is comprised of 19 strands of 27 AWG solid copper. Its relaxed PVC insulation is UV-resistant and rolls out easily, unlike wire that is commonly available at “big-box” stores, which coils and kinks.
  • DX Engineering DVA Dual Vertical Array Systems for 30 and 40 Meters: These systems include a compact DVA Phasing Relay Unit made specifically for an individual HF band and an EC-DVA Directional Control Console. Without the need of a tower or rotator, DX Engineering Dual Vertical Arrays produce two opposite enhanced end-fire cardioid patterns and one broadside-omni pattern. Heavy-duty components handle over 2 kW continuous RF power for enhanced performance at low SWR over a wide bandwidth. The Dual Vertical Array end-fire directional patterns achieve a real front-to-back over 20 dB with typical array forward gain up to 3 dB over a single vertical.

Read much more about DX Engineering phased arrays for individual bands (160-10M) in this detailed instruction manual.

COMTEK 30VA 30 Meter and 40VA 40 Meter Vertical Antennas, Pair: Constructed from 6063-T832 (drawn, not extruded) aircraft-spec aluminum tubing, these rugged and economical quarter-wave antennas are designed primarily to be used in sets with phased array systems. While they’re built to withstand the most rugged environmental conditions, light guying is always recommended for phased systems to keep the spacing precise and minimize swaying. The 3,000W power rated antennas (30M, 24 feet; 40M, 34.3 feet) come with a non-tilt bracket mount and stainless steel hardware. Customer-supplied radials required.

COMTEK Inline 1:1 Current Feedline Choke

COMTEK Control Cable

DX Engineering Coaxial RF Connector Adapters

DX Engineering RG-8U PL-259 Low-Loss 50-ohm Coax Cable Assemblies

DX Engineering RG-8X 50-ohm Bulk Cable

DX Engineering RFI Suppression Snap-On Ferrite Beads: DX Engineering carries 29 color-coded ferrite toroid and bead combinations covering 31, 43, 52, 61, 75, and 75 mixes. Below is the popular DXE-CSB31-525-5 set of five snap-on mix 31 0.50-inch ID ferrite beads. View all available ferrite sets at

  • DX Engineering Stainless Steel Radial Plates: Because it’s a square, the patented DX Engineering Radial Plate has more lineal distance around it than round plates. This allowed DX Engineering to put 60 holes in it and use larger bolts for more clamping power.

Clipperton Island TX5S is just one of several upcoming activations supported by DX Engineering, including Temotu Province (H40WA) and Timor-Leste (4W8X) in October and November, which will feature DX Engineering Coaxial Cable Prep Tools for Crimp Connectors, Maxi-Core 20 1:1 Balun and Mount Kit, the TFS4 Series B Transmit Four Square System, and more.

Find everything you need to take advantage of these rare activations—from transceivers and amplifiers to antennas and coaxial cable—at All this plus the industry’s most experienced customer/technical support team to make sure your station is properly equipped with the gear you need when the next big DXpedition goes live.

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