DX Engineering Equipment Makes Its Way Across the South Atlantic to Support 3Y0J Bouvet Island, February 2023

Editor’s Note: All of us at DX Engineering and OnAllBands—on behalf of amateur operators around the world—express our most sincere thanks to the entire 3Y0J team for making this incredibly rare opportunity possible by undertaking this complex and risk-filled operation in the spirit of the countless ham radio adventurers who have preceded them.

Most importantly, all of us wish the operators and crew good health, the safest possible operation, and worry-free travels as they finish their time on Bouvet and safely return to tell their amazing stories.


DX Engineering

DX Engineering has been honored to join other ham radio providers—along with scores of amateur clubs and individual supporters—in playing a part in making the 3Y0J Bouvet Island 2023 DXpedition a reality. It has taken a brave and experienced team, months of planning, and a community of hams pulling in the same direction to make this rare activation possible. Of course, it has also required a boatload of amateur radio gear, everything from guy rings to satellite radios, top-grade coaxial assemblies to vertical antennas. That’s where DX Engineering comes into the picture.

As DX Engineering has done for other major DXpeditions (2018 Baker Island, KH1/KH7Z, 2018 Ducie Island, VP6D, 2019 Pitcairn Island, VP6R, et. al.), the company—made up of active operators and avid DXers—has been committed to maintaining the vitality of the hobby by helping to put these entities within reach of operators everywhere by providing the high-quality equipment that translates into more QSOs and, oftentimes, ATNOs for those trying to work the world. DX Engineering worked closely with the 3Y0J team to make sure they received exactly what they needed for the trip.

Here’s just some of the DX Engineering-provided equipment that made its way across the South Atlantic Ocean aboard the 101-foot-long Marama, which sailed from Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands to cold and isolated Bouvet.

DX Engineering Gear

Icom Satellite Radios

DX Engineering provided the 3Y0J team with two Icom PTT IC-SAT100M push-to-talk satellite radios, as well as satellite airtime and activation fee, which are allowing them to communicate with each other and the world. These rigs have proved vital to 3Y0J’s mission, as media officer and NA East Coast Pilot Steve Hass, N2AJ, wrote on the 3Y0J Facebook page last week during setup: “The Starlink internet terminal has been disconnected. Internet communications with team members will not be possible again until the camp is established and Starlink set up. Team Co-Leader Ken LA7GIA has asked that we be patient while they work. The satellite radios are being used to coordinate activities between the camp and the boat and must be kept open for that purpose.”

Other Gear from Manufacturers Carried by DX Engineering:

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