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Coaxial Cable Connectors and Accessories (Part 4): DX Engineering Coaxial RF Connector Adapters

Most hams take great pride in being prepared for any contingency, whether tinkering in the shack, helping a friend set up his or her station, or in the field when bad weather arrives. And nothing says “I’m ready for anything—

bring it on!” like having a well-stocked cabinet filled with a wide variety of coaxial cable adapters because, well, you just never know what to expect sometimes.

That’s why DX Engineering carries a selection of 29 finely-built adapters to help prevent signal loss and make sure you live up to your reputation as Mr. or Mrs. Fully Prepared. These Type N, UHF Male (PL-259), UHF Female (SO-239), BNC, Type F and mini-UHF adapters let you complete your RF connections and get you on the air fast. They are sold in quantities of 1, 2, 4, or 6 depending on type. Here are a few to choose from:

Straight, N Male/UHF Female (pair)

Barrel, HF Female, SO-239 Both Ends (set of 4, featuring nickel-plated body, silver-plated pin, and DAP dielectric)

Straight, N Female/UHF Male, PL-259 (pair, featuring silver-plated body, Teflon dielectric, and gold-plated center pin)

Bulkhead, UHF Female, SO-239 Both Ends (sold individually, featuring silver-plated outer and inner conductors and two inch Teflon insulator)

Straight, UHF Male, PL-259 on Both Ends (pair, featuring nickel-plated body, silver-plated pin, and Delrin dielectric)

Right Angle, N Male/ N Female (pair)

What do hams say?

Five Stars: “This PL-259 to the N-Type adapter is a well-made product. As soon as you hold it you can see and feel the difference between this one and the cheaper made, lower-quality competitors out there. This piece will last for years.”

Five Stars: “First-class adapters! I bought these male N to SO-239 adapters to work with my Discone antenna. Very well made and looks great. Shipping was fast as usual. Thanks DX Engineering.”

Five Stars: “Fine quality adapter for everyday ham radio use. Used many of these over the years without a failure or problem.”

Five Stars: “The connector adapters worked perfectly and I was able to install my LMR-600 with no problem whatsoever. Thank you again for your fine products.”

View the entire lineup of DX Engineering Coaxial RF Connector Adapters at You’ll also find cables, connectors, cable prep and crimping tools and kits, soldering irons and accessories and more. 

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