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Ciro Mazzoni Talks Magnetic Loop Antennas with DX Engineering at Dayton Hamvention 2023 (Video)

This month OnAllBands willbe featuring videos of some of our favorite amateur radio manufacturers from Dayton Hamvention 2023. Today, we’re highlighting the magnetic loop antenna specialists at Ciro Mazzoni. Rod, K8RR, DX Engineering technical support specialist, chatted with Wolfgang, IU3QKV about the company’s loop antennas by I3VHF: the 40-10M BABY Loop Antenna, the 80-20M MIDI Loop, and the 40-10M STEALTH model—all available at Watch the video below to see the Baby Loop and STEALTH Loop in action!

Visit for more details on Ciro Mazzoni’s automatic loop antennas, replacement parts, interface cables, heavy-duty cap for the STEALTH modeltripod stand for the BABY Loop, and serial switch, which allows you to simultaneously connect a PC, transceiver and the loop antenna’s ATU 2.0.

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