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flexradio power genius xl hf rf radio amplifier
Product Reviews

Ham Radio Product Review: Power Genius XL Amplifier—Go on a Power Trip

Solid-state amplifiers have become mainstream as vacuum tubes have become more difficult to find and solid-state power capabilities have increased. Now it is commercially feasible for amateur radio amplifier manufacturers […]

ham radio antenna array near a residential home rooftop
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Legacy Product Spotlight: DX Engineering Genius Clamps (Video)

The word “genius” gets thrown around rather casually these days, but every once in a while it provides an apt description for a “Now why didn’t I think of that!” […]

403a noise cancelling headset mic
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New Product\Vendor Spotlight: 4O3A NC-1 Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Boom Mic Headset

DX Engineering is excited to announce another valuable addition to its lineup of more than 175 amateur radio providers from around the world: 4O3A. You can find 30,000-plus ham radio […]

dxe-viz26-g150_cj_xl DX Engineering High Visibility Antenna Wire
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Field Day Gear Series Part 5: Tool Kits, Foot Switches, Headsets, Portable Masts & More

With ARRL Field Day 2024 rapidly approaching, OnAllBands will be looking at a few more items to consider loading in the trunk before heading out to your operating location on […]

circuit board of a ham radio module
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DX Engineering Highlights New Gear at Dayton Hamvention® 2024: Orange RG-8X Coaxial Cable & More

One of the things DX Engineering always enjoys about Dayton Hamvention is the opportunity to showcase new gear, especially when these station-upgrading devices come from the innovative minds of our […]

Alinco DJ-G46T GMRS Handheld Transceiver stylized
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New Product Spotlight: Alinco DJ-G46T GMRS Handheld Transceiver

Today’s OnAllBands product spotlight shines a bright light on Alinco’s new GMRS handheld transceiver. But before we get into the benefits and features of the DJ-G46T model, let’s take a […]

United Microsystems XT-4 Memory Keyer
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Product Spotlight: Unified Microsystems XT-4 MK2 CW Memory Keyer

A CW memory keyer can be a ham’s best friend in the heat of a Morse code contest, where every second counts. You can read about these useful devices along […]

Product Reviews

Field Day Gear Series Part 1:Good Field Day Prep Begins with a Good Look at Your Coaxial Cables

As we do every year for this annual series on preparing for a successful ARRL Field Day (June 22-23, 2024), OnAllBands would like to remind you that there is no […]

Product Reviews

New Vendor/Product Spotlight: I0JXX Antennas

One of our favorite parts of every DX Engineering Amateur Radio Products Catalog is Page 4. That’s where we traditionally highlight new products that we’ve added to the more than […]

Product Reviews

New Products Spotlight: Winders, End-Fed Halfwave Sloper, and More from Chameleon Antenna

High-performance products from the portable operating specialists at Chameleon Antenna have been a fixture in the DX Engineering Amateur Radio Products Catalog for years. Everything from the MPAS Portable HF […]