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Building a Yagi Antenna? Consider Choosing an Insulated Boom-to-Element Bracket

Details matter when building a Yagi antenna that delivers the gain and directionality you want in a lightweight package. Skimp on the components and the results may be less than you’d hoped for. One of the most critical steps in building a Yagi is connecting the elements to the boom in a manner that ensures a reliable attachment and the best possible performance.

DX Engineering offers affordable and effective solutions for this important step in your Yagi-building plans.

DX Engineering BEB-1 Insulated Boom-to-Element Brackets secure Yagi beam elements to three inch booms. They offer several advantages over older DX Engineering brackets and other models:

  • These non-metallic, non-conductive brackets secure the Yagi beam elements to the boom while electrically insulating them against the shortening effect of the boom and metallic plates. The result: You save time and hassle by eliminating the need to correct element lengths.
  • Brackets are made from polymer five times stronger than the original DX Engineering and competing brackets.
  • The BEB-1 allows use of up to 1.250 inch O.D. element tubing. Adapters are available for 1 inch O.D. element tubing.
  • Three degree upsweep minimizes the overall bending effect of long elements on the desired horizontal position.
  • Brackets are highly UV-resistant.

Required DX Engineering  BEB-1 Hardware Kit and 1 Inch Diameter Element Adapter are sold separately.

When building Yagis with two inch booms, DX Engineering BEB-2 Insulated Boom-to-Element Brackets, combined with the BEB-2 Hardware Kit  (sold separately), can easily support a split 20 meter element without a fiberglass centerpiece. The UV-resistant BEB-2 Insulated Boom-To-Element Brackets offer a convenient, low-cost method for the insulated attachment of elements when building Yagi, LPDA or other antennas on two-inch booms. 

DX Engineering’s BEB-3 Insulated Boom-to-Element Bracket can mount antennas for 15, 12, 10, 6 and 2 meters with reasonable wind survivability. The BEB-3 is an insulated, pre-drilled plate made from strong, UV-resistant polymer. Two pairs of holes allow you to mount 0.750 inch tubing for the center portion of a tapered, insulated antenna element using two DX Engineering SAD-075A Saddle Clamps on one side of the plate.

The BEB-3 bracket may also be used to mount a small beam with a 0.750 inch boom to a mast with a 1.250 inch, 1.500 inch, or 1.750 O.D., using DX Engineering Saddle Clamps.