Articles written by: Mark Haverstock, K8MSH

large Yagi antenna
Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Antenna Traps—A Way to Cope With Limited Space

The downsizing of real estate these days reminds me of Halloween candy. Candy bars used to be big, but now they’ve shrunk to something they call “fun size.” Today’s properties […]

heil sound headset mic
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HAM Radio Tech: How Headphones and Headsets Can Improve Your Copy

Are you tired of spending time on the air struggling to copy the person on the other end of the conversation? Do barking dogs and noisy kids distract you from […]

rigexpert antenna analyzer
Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

The Difference Between Antenna Analyzers and Antenna Tuners

Do you need an antenna analyzer or an antenna tuner? These devices are actually different tools for different tasks. They both are used with antennas, but one doesn’t necessarily replace […]

Technical Articles

The Pros and Cons of Using an Amp with QRP Radios

Less is more. QRP (low power operation) is becoming quite popular among hams who take a minimalist approach to amateur radio communications. Some radio amateurs who are licensed to use […]

off center-fed dipole wire antenna
Products & Product Reviews

Off-Center Fed (OCF) Antenna: Multitalented or Misunderstood?

The Off-Center Fed dipole (OCF)–also called a Windom by many–has received mixed reviews among amateur radio operators. Although thousands of hams use and love these multi-band antennas, some people, including […]

WSPR Radio Network Map
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Hey Hams, Let’s Give a Shout Out to WSPR!

When I want to check for information on propagation conditions, I often look at the N0NBH solar-terrestrial data banner that appears on many ham radio sites. But if you want […]

am m2 antenna element for ham radio
Antenna Tech / Technical Articles

Antenna Safety—Look Before You Install

The most important thing you can do when putting up an antenna is to look before you install. Go outside and survey your property. Consider every suitable location for your […]

ground radial installation diagram
Technical Articles / Weatherproofing and Grounding

How Many, How Long: Advice for Installing Ground or Above Ground Radials

Installing a radial system is a must for any quarter-wave vertical antenna system. Without one, a vertical antenna is only half complete. The radials are the second half of the […]

HAM Radio 101

Local Clubs: How Are They Important and How Can They Help?

Local clubs are the backbone of the amateur radio community. They provide support by sponsoring radio classes, mentoring new Hams, and holding licensing sessions. Club meetings are also a place […]

Technical Articles

Finding Your Calling: When and Where Are You Most Likely to Make QSOs?

One of the most enjoyable parts of the hobby is making contacts with other Hams. Finding operators on the air isn’t necessarily a matter of luck or chance. There are […]