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Antenna Mast Thrust Bearings: A Better Answer

Many an antenna rotator has met its untimely demise due to side-to-side stress and the inability to handle the dead weight from above. Among other benefits, antenna mast thrust bearings are designed to reduce the load on the rotator motor, extending its life and sparing you the cost and unpleasant task of replacing one.

However, as Amateur operators will attest, not all thrust bearings are created equal. If you’ve ever had a practically new thrust bearing bind up and refuse to allow the mast to turn freely, you know what we’re talking about.

DX Engineering Advanced Design Thrust Bearings for two inch O.D. (DXE-TB-300) and three inch O.D. (DXE-TB-400) masts improve on the standard design in several key areas:

  • The DX Engineering thrust bearings ride on an all-metal surface—not a seam like other thrust bearings—to significantly increase service life. The precision bearings are made to much tighter tolerances, eliminating the slop found in competing models. Your setup benefits from a bearing that is strong with a silky smooth rotation.
  • The advanced design enables the thrust bearings to handle much greater static loads. This reduces stress on the rotator and makes it possible to perform rotator service without removing the antenna.
  • The heavy-duty bearings are cast from high-strength aluminum and assembled with high-quality chrome-steel ball bearings for greater reliability and performance.
  • They feature a precision-machined bearing race that doesn’t bind and keeps the enclosed chrome-steel ball bearings clean.

What do Hams think?

“This improved version of thrust bearing for the top of the tower is very good. I installed four units in the last few months and it is a solid product compared to the old version from Rohn. It  arrived with all the bolts needed that make a breeze of the installation. I will continue putting the TB-300 on my list for more installations.”

DX Engineering Advanced Design Thrust Bearings fit most common tower sizes from Rohn and American Tower. Read more about DX Engineering Advanced Design Thrust Bearings here.

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